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  1. valorantiwantplay

    Question After going into safe mode my pc restarts and goes in a black screen

    So when I was trying to go to safe mode I went to "msconfig" using "Run" then I clicked "boot" then I clicked safe boot and set it to minimal after that i clicked apply and restarted my pc and my pc shows the "HKC" logo then says "no signal" and then the "no signal" thing disappeared and then...
  2. C

    Question My PC won't post since turning on Safe Boot

    Hello to whoever is reading, I recently got a problem with my computer by turning safe boot on. It requested for me to enroll a platform key to turn on and when I did the very same my pc wanted a restart to apply these changes. When the PC turned off it never posted since. The PC does turn on...
  3. Maikurosofuto

    Question Windows 10 - Stuck On Loading Dots.

    I'm not sure if I should post this here or in /forums/windows-10.13/. But still, this issue is driving me insane, I'm seriously starting to lose my temper, I don't know the starting point, but my PC refuses to boot 95% of the time, it gets stuck on that "Loading dots logo" from Windows and gets...