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  1. L

    [SOLVED] Driver verifier

    Is it perfctly safe/okay to use driver verifier and is there anything I should know before I use it if I do. Also what kind of problems is it used to fix.
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Raid 1 for video file storage

    Hello everyone, I am making videos for youtube. I record games, upload them to youtube and store them on my hard drive. Youtube keeps the videos, but I feel safer if I still have the videos in case youtube would delete my videos ir was shut down or we are in a war and there is no more internet...
  3. Kenichi2002

    Question Can I safely use Lenovo Charger to Charge a Acer Laptop?

    Hello Tom's Hardware Community. I have old laptop an Acer Aspire 5741G. I don't have the charger of it anymore and I want to try the charger of my new laptop Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 to it. Can I safely use Lenovo Charger to Charge a Acer Laptop? *I don't care if it will damage the Acer...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] ESD Safe Air Blowers?

    Hi, I hope if someone can shed the light on the fact about ESD Safe electric air blowers ... are they really safe to be used to clean PC interior parts (e.g. motherboard, graphics card ... etc.)? An example about one of the advertised products...
  5. tek3195

    [SOLVED] Will a 460% increase in TDP kill my cpu ?

    I have an i7-9700 that was throttling severely. I found that if I increase TDP to 300W it stops all throttling. It does not draw near that, I believe 154W was highest I seen from it. If I use 300W setting it will run all 8 cores dead on 4500MHz which is max turbo for 8 cores. A thirty minute...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Pump/fan vs leak fail for AIO

    Is it almost gurantted that the aio's fan or pump will fail first before there being a leakage failure? Will an AIOs pump/fan fail around the same time as a normal cpu fan because they have similar warranties? Basically, will an aio be just as safe as a fan if I use them till they stop working?
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to put food over my PC Tower 900 Case Fan to warm it up to eat? Medical Question

    Hello all, I own a Thermaltake Tower 900: The front top case fan is blowing hot air up and out of my PC case. I am running a RTX 3090 at the moment. The thing is that I just realized that I can put plates of food on top of the...
  8. mmaalex22112

    [SOLVED] Safe to switch Intel Optane from X4 to X2

    Hey all. I have an inte Optane 16gb unit I’ve been using for a while. In the X4 bandwidth. In the manual it states it works in either X2 or X4. I’d like to know if it is safe to switch the bandwidth down to X2. What possible effects would that have? Thanks all, Alex
  9. S

    Question Urgent! :(

    Guys Help. I have very rich steam account and I clicked suspicious scam link but downloaded nothing so how can I be sure my pc and steam acc are safe. I've scanned my pc, nothing found. I changed my passwords on steam acc and email. What happened.. I clicked on link where "shroud" (but it...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to overclock my monitor? !

    Hey all ,im not sure whag exactly is my monitor's name , but as far as i know its sharp tv 60hz , people saying sometimes its.not safe and.some people say its ok , if i want to overclock my monitor i would go for 75hz or 80 not above , the question is , is it safe? Lets say 50% safe? Thanks for...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Ok to run Pc off of back up generator

    Hello I have been hit by a few storms that my community has lost power for days from one just happened last night and I’m still without power so I have a Generac 20,000 Watt home standby backup generator that runs off natural gas and I’m wondering if it’s safe to run a gaming Pc with it if it...
  12. TakashiBUllet

    Question Vs450 with i7 4790+ gtx 960?

    I have a VS450 lying around my current psu crapped out. I was wondering if it would be safe to run VS450 with i7 4790 + GTX 960 4gb Asus strix + 2 x8gb DDR3 ram + 1fan + 1hdd + 1ssd. The VS450 is a older version which has the VS written in orange. I got it from a friend since he had it spare...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to plug my computer into a rusty/corroded 3 prong wall adapter?

    I'm kind of a noob at all this electric stuff, so I bought some new speakers and I had reconfigure the way I plugged my things in. Basically, I got a power strip (15A 120V) that has one pc, 2 monitors and some speakers. While the other slot on the wall has a pretty old wall adapter (15A ,120V...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Are these safe voltages & temperatures for ryzen r9 3900x ?

    Hi there, I'm using XMP for my RAM modules, running at a stable 3600Mhz. Verified it through prime95 and memtest86. After doing some reading on the AMD processor, to get to that RAM speed I had to set the infinity fabric to 1800Mhz running on 1:1 ratio. My CPU Vcore is at 1.275V. My primary...
  15. _fishp0cket

    [SOLVED] Moving dual boot partitions safely?

    So my current storage situation is a bit of a problem. My current main boot drive was originally a storage drive, that at some point I installed a very slim Windows system to in a small partition (50GB) part way through the drive and between 2 storage partitions I resized to fit it between. Poor...
  16. Ugijago

    [SOLVED] How to limit CPU performance when not gaming?

    Hello anybody here now how? so i dont need to change power plan every time us there any tool software for change power plan automatically when gaming?
  17. helpneededhere

    [SOLVED] Is it okay to overclock a the a GPU if it's powered by a SATA to 8 pin pcie adaptor?

    I ordered a rx 570 nitro+, and it my power supply only has a 6 pin pcie connector, so i plan on using an adaptor for SATA x2 to 8 pin pcie. I also already plan on getting a better PSU, But is it safe to just use the card without an overclock, or should i wait? my current psu: ACE A-750BR (750W)
  18. M

    [SOLVED] 6-pin to 4-pin power adapters for video card safe?

    Bought this video card , but only found out the PSU only has 4-pin molex connectors. So the plan is to use one of these and one of these to connect it to the PSU. Is this safe? The PC is pre-built, so we didn't think to check any connectors
  19. R

    Wireless headphones safe?

    Hello, I have arctis 7 wireless headphones and I am scared that the headphones will cause some type of damage to me or harm me in someway because they are wireless. are they safe, or should I switch over to wired From Ryan
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Is it safe replacing the gpu?

    So lightning hit my house and now something is fried. Im thinking its motherboard or gpu. So I want to replace the gou to see if the system works. Is it safe to replace the gpu?
  21. LauroSalvatore

    Question Molex to PCIe limit.

    How many watts of consumption from the GPU is too much when using a Molex to PCIe adaptor that would be unsafe? If I have a 600 watts 80 plus bronze PSU with only one 6pin pci-e connector and I want to use a MSI GTX 670 OC (requires 2x6 pin connectors), would it be safe? Or would the needs of...
  22. S

    Question We lost the key for our Bunker Hill floor safe

    Hi there, It is a 92006 model, 1.5 cu feet safe. The battery is dead and we lost the key. I can't find where we can order a new key? I did several google searches but can't seem to find the company online. Thanks so much!
  23. F

    Question 2080 ti custom AIO cooling project

    Hi everyone I'm a owner of a 2080 ti FE. It's a good card but I want improuve : Noise Temps Performances So I was thinking about a project and I was wondering if is too mad (or stupid) or if is moreless sensed and safe I'm planning to buy a kraken g12 (should be compatible with a 2080 ti) and...
  24. K

    Question Can you plug speakers in the headphone jack?

    I’m planning to plug in Z150 speakers to the headphone jack which is located at the back of my 23 - inch Samsung curved monitor, is this safe to do so?
  25. L

    Question Memory Die Comparison (B-die, E-die, A-die)

    Hello and thank you for coming across this thread. I've been trying to get into memory overclocking a lot more and been watching a lot of Buildzoid's (Accutaly Hardcore Overclocking) videos and he continues to make references to different types of die. Now I know what that means, but what I do...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] New Hard Drive hardly performing

    Hi all, I just purchased an asus laptop for school and gaming barely 5 months ago, recently I've noticed the disk usage spiking to 100% I have tried reinstalling windows, editing sections of the registry, disabling services, but nothing has fixed my issue. My hard drive just doesn't seem to be...
  27. A

    LAPTOP PURCHASE HELP 1000$ edition

    I wanted to gift myself a gaming laptop for 2019 and I have a budget of 800$ - 1000$, What I want in a laptop is i7 8th gen 8750 u/h 8 - 16gb ram clock speed is not that important to me Gtx 1050ti or Gtx 1060 mas q SSD + HDD is awesome Fair selection of ports Know I narrowed it down...
  28. warmachine8

    Switched from windows 10 to windows 8.1 pro; missing drivers

    As the title describes, I'm missing drivers from the swap. The drivers I'm missing are as follows: Network Controller PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller PCI Memory Controller SM Bus Controller How do I get these device drivers? The machine that needs them is my Lenovo Legion...
  29. henrytcasey

    Apple’s Original Shows Coming Free to iPhones, Apple TVs

    iPhone and Apple TV owners will get Apple's original TV programming for free, in a new service coming to iOS and tvOS in 2019. Apple’s Original Shows Coming Free to iPhones, Apple TVs : Read more
  30. Rodson

    Warranty on used MSI graphic card?

    I'm looking to make a purchase of a used MSI graphic card. It's been used for 7 months. The seller says that the warranty and serial sticker is at the back. I was just wondering, if anything goes wrong with the card if I'm still able claim the warranty.
  31. L

    Replacement Bracket Cryorig H7

    I bought a Cryorig H7 second hand from someone and the cooler worked any everything. Only problem is the bracket for mounting was missing and he didn't have it. Any way to get a replacement?
  32. D

    1440p 144Hz Vs 4k 60Hz - PS4 Pro + PC setup

    Hi, I currently upgraded to a PS4 Pro and didn't notice much of an improvement in the display. I currently have a 27 inch 1080p BenQ monitor. Because of this, I'm wanting to upgrade my monitor. I only play single player story based games (mainly RPG and 3rd person games) on my PC and multiplayer...
  33. J

    DisplayPort -> HDMI cable not working

    So i recently just bought a Displayport - HDMI cable, i have a gtx 1060 6gb and hdmi works fine, but whenever i plug my DP - HDMI cable in i cant detect any tv/monitor (ive tried plugging all into all 3 aswell and still nothing), tried upgrading to newest drivers and nothing, is it my hardware...
  34. B

    What port does this go into??? This is from my Logitech G402 and I cant fit it in any of the ports. I just wanna know what it is and how can I get it to fit in my computer.
  35. I

    need help with a mini itx pc

    i need to make a mini itx pc with a gtx 980 and a i7-4790s because i have them lying around. i need help choosing the rest of the parts
  36. J

    Should I upgrage my GPU and what upgrade should I get?

    Hello, I've recently build a new pc, but I kept my old GPU and now I'm wondering if I should replace it and what I should get in it's place? I was hoping you guys could help me out! My new build is a: i5 7600k, Msi z270 Gaming Pro Carbon 2x8gb corsair vengeance ram evga 750w 2g 970gtx g1...
  37. C

    Trying to bypass forgotten password

    Hi, I've forgotten my password to my netbook running in windows 7 starter. I've tried using PC Login Now on both a usb flashdrive and a usb disc drive (no internal disc drive in this thing). I've also tried reinstalling windows using both methods. I reset the boot order in BIOS to boot from each...
  38. D

    Why does my microphone keep adjusting itself?

    I have tried everything in this thread, and most others I've found. My microphone continues to mute itself every 5-30 seconds or so and the volume drops to zero. I watched it a few times, sometimes it goes to around 40 to 50 percent then drops again to zero. I am so incredibly frustrated and am...
  39. T

    Using SATA M.2 with Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1

    The motherboard does not detect the Samsung evo 850 M.2. On Asus' website it says "Adjust BIOS settings to use an M.2 SATA device." However, I don't know which BIOS setting to adjust and I can't seem to find setting on my own or any other answers to this question, even in the user manual for...
  40. S

    Help to find the right Graphic card

    ok so need help to find the best graphic card (today if possible). i will list the items and i hope to find the best one:¨ MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Dual Fans OC HDMI DP 6GB Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Dual OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 6GB Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Strix Gaming OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 6GB Zotac GeForce GTX 1060...