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  1. S

    Question Finding a new monitor

    Hello, I am looking into upgrading up to a 3 monitor setup from 2 monitors. I have 2 basic 24" 1080p 60hz monitors and I would like to get a 27" 1080p 144hz as my main monitor. I am certain on those specifications because that is all my budget can handle so I am trying to decide between the...
  2. King Wesley

    Question Samsung CHG90

    I might be trading for this monitor soon and am wondering if a 1080 will be able to handle it. I’ll be using it for gaming. My current monitor is the pb287q which is 4K 60hz. Will I be able to make use of the 144hz?
  3. A

    Question Which monitor to buy?

    Samsung 1080p qled 144hz va panel vs aoc 1440p 144hz ag241qx I usually game easily but decided that many good games don't come in an year that I will be rely on for leisure like when I take break from studying I need to play games but very less good single player games come in an year so I...
  4. A

    Question 1440p TN vs 1080p VA QLED

    Hello guys! I am in the market for a 144hz monitor and I've come to the conclusion that the best options are the Samsung LC24FG73FQUXEN and the AOC AG241QX. Now I can't decide on which one to buy because the AOC one is a little bit more expensive at the moment (350$ vs 300$) and I already have a...