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  1. N

    Question gaming on 2 ssd

    i have two different ssd's my main is an m.2 970 evo pro for my os 250 gb and my other is a 500 gb 870 evo sata. would it be faster to play gta 5 on my nvme or sata drive keep in mind my os is on my nvme and i have 230 gb of space left and gta v is 80 gb and its all i have on my pc atm.
  2. Z

    Question is samsung 970 evo m.2 compatible with my MSI (Micro-Star) Notebook GT80 2QE Titan SLI

    Hi there, I want to upgrade my storage on my MSI (Micro-Star) Notebook GT80 2QE Titan SLI with the Samsung 970 evo plus 1TB m.2 I wonder if this is even compatible with the motherboard. I didn't change any parts of the laptop, only added some ram. if it's not compatible what ssd is recommond...
  3. MrSix18

    Question Installed an additional NVMe M.2, Computer WILL NOT boot into bios nor windows

    So.. First off, this is a nightmare!! :mad: Tonight I installed an Additional M.2 drive, its a 970 pro 512gb NVMe PCIe Drive. When installed my computer WILL NOT boot into windows, the bios, or even turn anything in my case on except for my CPU cooler RGB and my Corsair RGB ram, everything...
  4. C

    Question Help replacing an old (2010) HDD with a new HDD and an SSD

    I just want to move from an old MBR drive to one of two new drives. I'd like for the new drives to use GPT, partially just in case I want to upgrade again later, even though the new drives are not larger than 2TB. Old drive is a 1TB that was originally in an HP desktop I bought in 2010, and...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Should I get an NVMe drive?

    Hi there, I recently got my hands on a Samsung 970 PRO 512GB. It's not mine though, so I'll only have it for a few days. During this time, I was able to run a few tests to see how fast it is. Due to my motherboard being limited to a single M.2 PCIe 2.0 x2 slot, the drive is way slower than it...