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  1. user.anonymous

    Question Can I use two storages at once?

    I recently built a PC with a functioning M.2 Samsung Evo 500 GB card and Western Digital 2 TB Storage HDD. I want to be able to use both at the same time so that I can maximize the most storage out of both drives. Before, I attempted to make a storage pool but I'm unable to do so for unknown...
  2. conticreative

    Question Why did my Samsung 850 Evo SSD failed while stored in a box?

    I want to preface this by saying that I have lost no data, I already bought a new SSD and this post is just to satisfy my own curiosity. Two or three years ago, I purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD to replace a smaller on that was on my old Windows 10 Tower. A couple of months ago, I...
  3. Calibur

    Question Samsung 970 EVO wont boot

    I have a new build using a Samsung 970 EVO pro NVMe drive. I cannot get a fresh windows install to boot this drive. Using windows media creation tool, ( redone this part several times) , I boot off the USB and this part copies the install files to the EVO drive. However, when the system boots...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] SN550 WD Blue, Do i need 2?

    I recently upgraded my pc to a Ryzen 7 2700x build on an MSI Mortar Max motherboard, i have a WD Blue 500gb SN550 m.2 in my first Pcie Gen3x4 slot but i want to put a 1 tb version in my second m.2 slot, so i can be sure i have the fastest storage possible between the two, but according to the...
  5. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Not ethernet after BIOS Reset

    Hi i've reset my workstation PC's BIOS. After resetting bios i couldn't connect the ehternet ethernet . I've checked all drivers reinstalled but can't solve it. İt looks like causing bios settings. Mothetboard model Asus X99 Rampage V Extreme and i didn't know where the lan settings. I can't...
  6. ahmedbarq


    Hi Guys, so I'm new to SSDs. Should I buy ADATA 240GB SU630 or SAMSUNG SSD 860 EVO 250GB? Kindly help me. My system specs are: Intel Core i5 3470s 8 GBDDR III RAM 1600MHz 1TB external hard Seagate Thank you!
  7. M

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD with Win10 (using PCIe adapter) not shown in BIOS, yet shown in Disk Manager

    Build: SSD added: M.2 to PCIe adapter: Issue: Installed SAMSUNG 970...
  8. C

    Network Printer Connection

    Good Day! We have a Cannon Printer that is connected to one computer on our network. I connected the other computers to that printer through LAN which worked fine right after I connected them, but the problem is that on the next day the connection on the other computer to the printer always fail...
  9. U

    GTX 970 from USA to India - Is it worth?

    Dear All, I am going to get a GTX 970 from USA. Now the fundamental question is been bothering me that "is it really worth getting a GPU from USA?" Except for saving few thousands of rupees, I don know anything. If it is fine to purchase one from USA, which one should I buy? What is the...
  10. emtasty123

    How to use ethernet for my killer e2200 high speed?

    It's in the back of my MOBO from MSI and since my wireless isn't working, I'm switching to wired. Can someone give me a good cheap Ethernet cable (With a good speed) and an Ethernet hub (since there isn't any Ethernet port in the basement), all with the total price of 20 or under? Thank you.
  11. P

    £350 - £400 Build [UK]

    I'm looking for a £350 build for gaming mainly, I have a few builds but fluctuating prices are setting me back, I was wondering if anyone here could help.