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  1. Sparklingtube

    [SOLVED] Samsung magician error

    Hi, so if i start up samsung magician i get this error: View: my ssd is a 870 evo and it worked perfectly like 3 weeks ago but since some days it give an error, idk how to fix this please help me.
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD performing much worse than SATA SSDs

    Hi everyone, I have 970 Evo SSD connected to an older motherboard, an ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer via the M.2 connector, running at PCIe2 x2 speed - the fastest this board supports I believe. Reports as PCIe Gen2 x2 in Samsung Magician. I know this is not the fastest this drive can run, however this...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Samsung 980 Pro - Drive Health and TBW info. "N/A" - Samsung Magician

    Just installed a Samsung 980 Pro drive and installed the latest version of Samsung Magician (software and firmware are up to date). However, the drive health part of the tool doesn't specify the drive condition or TBW, its just blank and comes up with "N/A". It does recognize my drive correctly...
  4. [SOLVED] New crucial mx500 fails SMART but only in WD Data Lifeguard

    Hello, I recently purchased a crucial MX500 500gb 2.5inch sata ssd new from amazon to increase my system storage. The drive seems to work fine, but when viewing the SMART status using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics it shows a FAIL for ID B4(hex value) which has the attribute name...
  5. [SOLVED] How do I stop this Samsung popup?

    About a month ago this annoying popup began. I updated Magician as much as anyting to get rid of it, but it's still poping up. How do I get rid of it?
  6. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Samsung Magician won’t recognize my SSD

    I have a Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB and Samsung Magician won’t recognize it. The only thing that works in Magician is the performance test everything else is static or says “not supported”. I have tried to install the Samsung NVMe driver but the install fails with the message: “Please make sure the...
  7. K

    Question samsung magician

    i am asking a question for a friend om my he bough a samsung ssd the 970 evo plus m.2 500 gb and its a small issue we got in working just fine we can see and use in on widows but he want to keep track of performanse in samsung magician but i will not show up so i though why not ask the smart...
  8. Question Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2. Running at ~900MB/S should be 3500MB/s. Slow speed, help!

    Hi guys, just bought and installed my new SSD. The Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2. I installed the samsung magician application to benchmark it and to my horror i found that i get really low speeds on the squential read and writes. I tried crystaldisk mark aswell but to no change. Currently i...
  9. techflame700

    Question Samsung Magician won’t recognize my 970 Pro

    I recently installed a 970 Pro in my system and Magician keeps telling me “This drive is not supported”. I attempted to install the Samsung Nvme driver but it told me “Samsung NVM Express Device is not connected. Connect the device and try again”. It is plugged into the only M.2 slot on my...
  10. Question Samsung Magician over provisioning set-up stuck

    I installed Samsung Magician and by default the over provisioning was set to 10%. I clicked on "run over provisioning" expecting to allocate more space and after a short run (with a message "over provision is running. please do not perform other tasks while work in progress") I faced this screen...
  11. D

    Question Drivelock password option unabled in BIOS for SSD Samsung encryption

    Hello. I am trying to set a password on my SSD hard disk Samsung 860 EVO in my laptop HP Compaq 6710b. For that I enter to BIOS and the option for Drivelock passwords in the Security menu is unable(gray) and it can´t be setted. This way I can´t encrypt my disk with Samsung Magician with the...
  12. D

    Samsung EVO 860 vs ADATA SU800 - advice please

    Hi folks, I'm looking to get a 500GB SSD and I'm choosing between Samsung EVO 860 vs ADATA SU800. On paper (or screen!) the ADATA looks better... ADATA SU800 -------------------- Storage: 512 GB Read speed: 560 MB/s (up to) Write speed: 520 MB/s (up to) TBW: 400 TB MTBF: 2M hours...
  13. daotpeke

    Everything turns off for 2 secs then comes back on

    My monitor, keyboard, mouse turns off for about 2 seconds then turns on but the computer itself is still ON. I hear a click from the pc before my monitor and peripherals stop working for 2 secs, then comes back on. I'm kind of sure its not the PSU since i tried 3 different good psu but the same...
  14. S

    Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

    Hey guys, I’m hoping to purchase a new FreeSync monitor and just have some questions on the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) feature. I kinda have a special gaming situation here, I play Total War, Mount & Blade and Men of War extensively. I always run mods which triples the amount of troops...
  15. 92hatchattack

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro front panel headers question.

    Hey gang. I'm hoping this is a nice simple question for one of you out there. So, the Reset and Power front panel headers coming from my Phanteks Enthoo Pro case do not specify which pin of the connector is the ground. What is does have on the plastic is a little arrow or triangle pointing...
  16. P

    Asus Laptop CPU frequency drops

    Hi, here is my problem, i have an ASUS laptop, i7, gtx960m, 8gb ram and everytime i play a game, the CPU frequency drops massively every 1-2 minutes for 30 seconds going from 3,40 to 0,9 and this is making me lose fps in games (from 100 to 8-9 fps in warframe for example) is the problem from the...
  17. E

    8pin or 4pin

    Hello everyone! I just got a new motherboard M5A99FX Pro R2.0 And the CPU Connector on the mobo takes 8pin! Do i need to plug all 8 pin in or just 4? Specs: MOBO:ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 CPU: AMD FX 8350 PSU: 550 Corsair VS
  18. S

    MSI R9 390X or Sapphire R9 390

    Hey Forum, I'm hoping for some help. I have to replace a faulty card and I'm caught between two. I can get either a Sapphire R9 390 from a vendor which I know and have used before or MSI Gaming R9 390X from another which I have not used but haven't seen any bad reviews, this is for only fifty...
  19. N

    Which GTX 750Ti would be recommended

    EVGA GTX 750Ti Gigabyte GTX 750Ti EVGA GTX 750Ti SC ASUS GTX 750Ti OC...
  20. A

    need graphics card

    Hi , below mentioned link has the configuration for my cpu : - i have upgraded ram from 4 to 8gb on the machine and i am using a Planar PLL2410W monitor which has a resolution of 1920X1080. i want to...