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  1. H

    hp 8200 case upgrade

    hey guys Got a hp 8200 sff i5 2400, 8gb ddr3 ram looking for a motherboard and case the motherboard needs to be able to fit and match up with the usb ports ect Also a psu 500w + that has 1 6pin/and 8 and will not require any extra adapters needed
  2. A

    I’d like a recommendation and a few opinions on my setup, if that’s okay.

    Hey, quite a while ago I bought a PC from someone on EBay who I have since lost contact with it’s an iBUYPOWER BB903. Here are the specs: Processor: Intel Core i5-6402P 2.8GHz - 3.4GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 960 4GB System Memory (RAM): 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB 7200RPM...
  3. V

    My Lenovo laptop screen get black

    Lenovo laptop screen get black after pressing power button
  4. B

    Keyboard disconnecting from moving it

    My keyboard disconnects very easily when i try to move it. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my keyboard or it's just a normal thing. I have a Logitech G710+
  5. D

    i7-4820K not performing very well anymore?

    Hey everyone, I've had my desktop pc for about 4 years now and i've been incrementally upgrading it over time adding new GPU's and drives over the years and it has been performing really well. However lately my CPU that has never been replaced has been chugging, I'm getting a lot of random lag...
  6. G

    Monitor Turns off while gaming but I can still hear sounds

    Specs GPU: GTX 570 CPU: i5 2400 MOBO: DELL VOSTRO 460 Stock MOBO PSU: EVGA 500B RAM: 2x4GB 1333 mhz I can be playing a game that isn't even demanding and my monitor will shut off and I can still hear sound,I assume that the problem is the PSU so I ordered a 650w (still on its way) does anyone...
  7. P

    Best Budget Gaming Headset

    Id like to buy some gaming headset but Im only able to spend up to 60$ so I think Im gonna go for some used headset rather than new. What I usually play is CS GO, Battalion 1944, PUBG & Fortnite and ever since Siberia v2 came out I had them and I was really satisfied with the quality of the...
  8. D

    SSD Filling Up for Seemingly No Reason

    Hello, So today I received a notification stating that my main drive (120 GB SSD) had no space left, so I went into my files in order to clear up some space. While doing this, I noticed that there wasn't really anything in my files taking up so much space that the whole drive would be filled...
  9. kyd15

    Are Inwin PSUs good?

    Is In Win Power Man IP-S400CQ2-0 a good PSU?
  10. B

    Dual touchscreen monitors on single graphics card

    I have two Viewsonic TD2421 monitors and a Nvidia Gforce 9500GT graphic card. My primary monitor is on the HDMI port seems to work well and responds properly to "touch". My secondary is on the VGA port displays properly but does not respond properly to "touch". How do I correct this situation?
  11. X

    No Sound GTX

    Just upgraded my crap of a gpu to the EVGA FTW HYBRID GEFORCE GTX 1080 but after I had did this I get no sound I tried switching my speakers and head phones to the rear on board port and to the front port and nothing. I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled. I uninstalled again and then tried the...
  12. M

    Which of these 2 monitors ?

    I got a GTX1070 also , i think the samsung one does not have embedded speakers , is that true? Lastly i've heard AOC's customer supp is bad , is that also true ? AOC AG322QCX : ----------------------------Samsung 27CHG70 : 500$...
  13. S

    How is build work for below text.

    Used for iRacing and painting cars with Adobe Photoshop. Also for streaming and Steam
  14. J

    Where does this sata cable go

    I’m new to pc building so this might kinda sound stupid. So I put my hard drive into my pc and plugged in the power to it but I need to plug my sata cable in somewhere. One side of it is plugged into the hard drive so where on my motherboard does the other side go. This is probably really simple...
  15. T

    Desktop force restarts on its own

    Hey everyone so having an issue with my pc restarting on me whenever i try to play a game. Never had this issue up untill i moved about a week ago and now kust non stop restarts, my motherboards has tried to do auto repair but to no avail it couldn't even find an issue. I'm wondering if this...
  16. S

    MSI armor oc 1080ti intel i7 8086K hyper x ram 2666mhz

    Hello i have a probmen with my pc.. 1. on pubg on 1080p i got 80fps 2. arma 3 i must play on low settings 3. my graphic card goes over 80 degrees Is this normal for a computer like this? it should have handled all the games much better or it is just me?
  17. B

    Strange chinese file extension when trying to download random files

    Ok so this happened just twice before i post this. I noticed, since im always looking for things, that some files i tried to download (to be specific a .7z file and a .zip file) from totally different websites that had nothing to do, appear to show a chinese extension in the file type option of...
  18. B

    Can I add a second SSD?

    I just got a Dell Inspiron 7472 with a 256 SSD included. I am wondering if anyone can confirm if I can add a second SSD and what type would be appropriate? I tried to find this information unsuccessfully.
  19. K

    [Realtek] HD audio

    Related Realtek HD Manager not visible in Dell inspiration 3467 laptop hdmi 0ut audio not available?
  20. Jiry_XD

    Pc crashes when clicking launch Fortnite

    Hello, people this problem just started happening to me today i will send a photo below this happens whenever i click launch on epicgames launcher Here is the link for the picture Here is the link of my specs...