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    Nothing shows up on display when I turn on pc

    I recently just built a pc and everything lights up on the inside and when I plug in a mouse and keyboard they also light up but when I plug in a display nothing shows up
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    Logoitech G403 or Razer deathadder Elite?

    I have ordered the Razer deathadder elite and today i went to one of my local shops since i expected my deathadder to arive today, but it didn't, i thought of using the time to go to my local shop and try some other mouse. One of my local store has price match so i got both for the lowest...
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    Does a bad hard drive affect gaming performance?

    Hi, this is my first time posting in this forum and please pardon my English. I have been using a Toshiba 1 tb Hdd for about two years now and I think it's finally come to the end of its life. It takes ages to copy a single movie but my main issue is the gaming performance I believe is caused my...
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    GPU doesn't display in device manager

    Specs I5-2310 H61m-c 450 80+ bronze evga 64 sata drive GTS 450 So basically, I have one PCI-e 3.0 slot and I snugged my GTS in there perfectly and attached it. I then plugged in the DVI from my GPU to my monitor, but it doesn't work. I then checked device manager and it wasn't there, only Intel...
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    Upgrade Question - Should I go from I5-6600k to I7-8700K ??

    I am thinking that I might want or need to upgrade my current build. Possible upgrading my system to a I7-8700K and wonder if it would be worth it. My current build. CPU: *Intel - Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: *Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU...
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    a drive cannot be found but it is shown in disk management

    hi guys i am from india i got myself into some trouble that i cannot fix myself so need a little help i bought a new hd some days back so it is good untill u formated my pc as is installed my new graphics after the format i cannot find a drive as i made 3 drives in than new hd .i can see only 2...
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    CPU usage is higher than it usually was. (SHORT AND LONG VERSION)

    I have a prebuilt PC but my specs are: CPU: I5 7400 @3.00Gzh Turboboost - 3,5Ghz GPU: Gtz 1080 8GB RAM: 16GB That is all that I know about the parts that I deem necessary for you to be able to help me. If you need more I will do my best to find out more. Here's the story. I got my PC on black...
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    Laptop Charger Pin heating up

    But one thing i noticed is the charger heats up whether i have battery or not. And it only heats when my laptop is on. i.e. i am using HDD maybe. Like i can charge my battery while its off or my laptop is in sleep. So i removed the HDD and used a live USB of linux(deepin) to check if the problem...
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    HELP!!! Cant boot computer with harddrive in

    I rather not have to return my new hardrive if possible . I just build a new computer, and it took me a while to figure out that it was my harddrive (Seagate 2tb green). I finally got my system all set up, but I'm just running on a 250gb M.2 SSD. (I have harddrive in the SATA 2 port). But it...
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    Upgrading system. Looking for review and suggestions.

    Hey all, I am working on upgrading my system. I have a possible upgrade list that I was hoping I could get your opinions on. I am open to change what I have selected if you can find me better performance for the same (or slightly higher) price. Location: California; Currency: USD. I am looking...
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    My Motherboard has 2 cha_fan Connectors, but my Case has 6 Fans. How Do I Connect the Fans?

    My case, the 570x, has 3 pre-installed fans. I purchased 3 more fans (SP120 RGB) with the hope to improve airflow. Now, as I look at my motherboard, the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370 E, I only see 2 cha_fan connectors. I don't know if there is anywhere else I'm supposed to plug the connectors into, or if...
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    Do i need a larger PSU for overclocking.

    This is my build, it will be the first time a build a pc with intent to overclock it so I am unsure as to how much extra wattage is needed.
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    Cooling Advice H60

    Is this a decent setup for the nzxt s340 case? The only catch is that the h60 will need to be set up as radiator-fan-case as an exhaust. Is that fine? A fan wont fit under the h60 if i install it as fan-radiator-case
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    Short Second-Long Lag Bursts Every 2-3 Minutes

    My PC over the past few days has been experiencing short lag bursts every 2-3 minutes that only last for about half a second. When I'm using discord it will cut out and on fps's it stutters. I have also not been able to connect to certain wifi networks. I already tried reinstalling the os and...
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    Youtube ip missing

    Hello community, as the title says, i am having problems connecting ONLY to Youtube. As you can see at the images below i get that error. Things i have tried: 1. Changed Preferred and Alternate DNS to and...
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    how i can recorder

    How i can recording my pc when i playing by another pc
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    gtx 650 4gb ddr3?

    gtx 650 4gb ddr3 dows this card even exist? i found it in used market site.
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    Xeon E5462 in a Dell Optiplex 780

    Will it work with a Dell Optiplex 780? CPU that I want to buy: Xeon E5452, 2.8 GHZ 12 MB cache
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    Computer beeps when I edit video

    Hi fellows! I have a bit of a problem that worries me and I would like to kindly ask you (PRETTY PLEASE) to help me out if you can :) Here it goes: 2 days ago I started editing videos (nothing resource intensive... or so I'm thinking), just crop some parts out of videos and then save the new...
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    PC keeps crashing and blue screening

    My rig: I was editing a video in Premiere last night, and it continually stopped responding over and over (every time it would come back, it was just immediately stop again) and then my whole PC just crashed, then the next morning...