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  1. J

    Error Code 43 - GTX 1060

    Well, the title describes it all. My gtx 1060 has randomly stopped working, and I don't know why. In the device manager, it says there is an error with it (Error Code 43). Even the windows diagnostics don't help at all. I don't know if this caused it, but before all of this happened, my laptop...
  2. daotpeke

    Everything turns off for 2 secs then comes back on

    My monitor, keyboard, mouse turns off for about 2 seconds then turns on but the computer itself is still ON. I hear a click from the pc before my monitor and peripherals stop working for 2 secs, then comes back on. I'm kind of sure its not the PSU since i tried 3 different good psu but the same...
  3. A

    IRacing budget build

    How is my budget build? I have not done a build in 20 years. Z370-h motherboard Asus strix I3-8350k processor Hyper turbo cooler by cooler master 2- Vengance 4gb 2400 Corsair 600 watt bronze Asus strix 1060 6gb oc WD 1tb hdd 2 - Corsair 120mm fans on front Overclocked at 8% to 4.2 on the I3...
  4. O

    Better psu or cpu?

    I have been told that I should buy q good psu qnd recomended buying 550W gold modular seasonic. But i could buy a cheper psu like the 580W deep cool or a 600W trendsonic and then buy i5 8400 rather then i3 8100.
  5. M

    Blown chip near the battery port ?

    Hello, recently, somebody that i know, came to me for help when the laptop they were using made a pop and started to smoke and smell and wont turn back on. And whenever the pc is charging, it will start to smell like something is burning, So i took it apart and located a chip near the room where...
  6. M

    Still getting input delay after CPU Upgrade

    Hey everyone, So I was on here not too long ago addressing my input delay issue. After a longer gaming session, the input delay that I would experience would be very noticeable. It would happen after 3 or 4 matches of Fortnite, or most other games. It would feel sluggish when I aim and move my...
  7. E

    PC Stopped working overnight.

    I woke up today and tried to start up my pc, it didn't (previous night did). I have tried everything from changing power supply to using 1 ram even breadboarding, unplugging everything. Nothing is overclocked. I haven't had issues in the previous 6 months I've been using this Pc. + Lights on...
  8. M

    Possible CPU problem?

    I am hoping someone can help me. So at about January or near February of 2018 I started to notice large dips in framerate in many of my games. Including Far Cry 3, World of Warcraft, and PUBG. I took it to my local computer store and they held it over night and told me it was my GPU since it...
  9. J

    Desktop icons disappeared

    A desktop folder icon appeared on my desktop I tried to remove it and it wouldn’t remove then it suddenly disappeared along with most my desktop icons straight after. The icons are not only gone from my desktop but my documents as well. Is there any way to get them back?
  10. E

    Will any ram work?

    I have a MSI MS7778 (Jasmine R) motherboard. I currently have 8 gbs of ram and was planning to upgrade at some point, but I ran into a question. Will any ddr3 ram work on a ddr3 motherboard?