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  1. Shrek4t

    Question Why green and white pixels showing up only during movement and only on Chromecast? My other sources don’t show these.

    There are white pixel dotted lines and green pixels showing up everytime there is some movement on screen. It only happens when I set the source on my av receiver to Chromecast. Everytime I use the remote to navigate through the menus and titles, there is movement and the dotted lines and green...
  2. A

    Question My PC only detects TV when said TV is off. As soon as I turn it on, it disconnects.

    I have a GTX 1060 3gb graphics card, Ryzen 5 3600 (no integrated graphics). I have 2 other monitors connected as well. The TV is a SAMSUNG Smart TV. I have used it as a monitor before, but with a different graphic card. I am trying to connect them both via HDMI. The issue at hand is the PC ONLY...
  3. Jeff_120

    Question Force stretching Windows Borderless to cover the full screen area?

    Hello It looks like my 4k TV Samsung Q60T doesn't like 1440p resolution, if I choose this resolution in PC games as Fullscreen it will produce a screen tear at the bottom, it doesn't do that with other resolution . I could fix it with some games by choosing Windows Borderless and the game will...
  4. T

    Question Question about RCA "Audio In" connection on Samsung LE32A556 TV ?

    Hi. I've got an old Samsung LE32A556 TV and I would like to connect an even older audio tape deck or tuner to it via its RCA audio in. The problem is that the TV doesn't offer the possibility of using just the audio in without any video source connected on the composite video. Is there a way...
  5. PSKiesling

    Question BenQ Monitor or Samsung TV for console gaming

    I realize this is a PC-oriented forum, but I wanted a reliable way of getting some answers/advice. I am planning on ordering a PS5 when pre-orders open up so that I can play Bloodborne, Demon's Souls, and such. I'd have already gone for a PS4 Pro if the PS5 weren't coming out soon and if I...
  6. G

    Question Connecting PC to Samsung smart TV via ethernet

    Hello guys! My question is that i want to connect my pc to the ground floor TV. They are connected via ethernet. My only use case would be watching films. Right now my only option is to bring down my whole desktop pc from the 1st floor and play the films via HDMI. USB storage is not an option...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Logitech Z506 + Samsung UE50KU6072

    Hello. I would like to use these speakers with TV but i have no clue what type of connection i need for them to work? optical/red+white 3.5mm, optical/black and orange 3.5mm? Thank you in advance!
  8. T

    Question Samsung TV display problem..

    Hello, I have an issue with my Samsung tv. The model code is UN55KS800DFXZA. I left the tv on to go on an errand, and when I came back the tv shows only bright colors with streaking vertical lines that randomly change every once in a while. Here is a picture to better explain the problem.Image 1...
  9. W

    [SOLVED] No signal from GPU to tv using hdmi

    Hi I have a gtx 1060 and today i wanted to connect my computer to the tv using a hdmi cable. But the problem is that I can see the post screen and windows is starting but as soon as I had booted it has no signal. My monitor Is connected using hdmi and it's working fine. The signal from the pc is...
  10. Icetou87

    ASUS Dual RX 480 8G is it worth it?

    Alright so I am planning on buying a new GPU for my 3 years old custom PC, due to old one having a burn. Got a 600W PSU and Z87 Extreme4 ASRock motherboard, 16 gigs of ram and a i5-4590 cpu. I've came across the ASUS Dual RX 480 8GDDR5 gpu for a price, a bit too cheap for such a graphics card -...
  11. S

    connect multiple aux devices

    I have dish network with a 54.0 remote control. It appears that I cannot have my dvd player and sound bar on the remote at the same time. Is it not possible to have more than 1 aux device connected to the dish remote? Its seems to me it's one or the other. How can I connect them without having...
  12. T

    Dropped my Laptop and Screen wont work

    I placed my laptop on my table and without realizing, I placed it on something to where the laptop was leaning. When it slid off the table it landed face down. I turned it on, and the screen remained black. I could still here sound, and all the regular lights are still on so it seems that...
  13. G

    Analog Wireless Cameras and Security

    Remember the old X10 analog 2.4GHz cameras from 2002 and how unsecure they were? Thanks to the new drone FPV market we now have unscrambled 5.8GHz cameras, video senders for your cable box, trailer hitch cameras, backup cameras, security cameras, etc. The market for this cheap equipment is about...
  14. A

    How much better is better with CPUs?

    I'm looking to make a upgrade of about 300 workstations for my company (eventually over 1000), and I've observed that CPU has been limiting. We often run multiple, concurrent VMs (as well as many other programs) and hit 90+% CPU well before we run out of RAM. The switch to Win 8.1 may have been...