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  1. E

    Question Webcloak USB encryption/security device

    Hello- Has anyone tested one of these devices to see if it does what it claims to do? Googling finds basically no testing/reviews. It was a Kickstarter thing, now it's sold at Frys. I know there are things like Tails you can install on a USB yourself, but for somebody like my mom, this would...
  2. David_166

    Any changes I should make?

    I don't have a lot of extra money left, just going to ask if there's anything within this build I should replace or change that wont effect my budget?
  3. M

    System Temprature are High

    i bought new parts last week which are the following : i5 6600 Asus z 170 Pro Ram kingeston 16 GB when i build my Computer & ran Speed Fan , it gives me the following temp indicator GPU : 35 CPU : 32 Auxtin 0 : 30 Auxtin 2 : 110 Auxtin 3 : 109 Auxtin 4 : 109 System : 117 what are the...
  4. Ofesad

    Recommended Memory for M5A99X + FX 8350

    Hi everyone! Im Ofesad from argentina. Im upgrading my pc, so I already bought a AMD FX8350 + Asus M5A99X EVO R 2.0 motherboard. The question I have is: I wanna put 16gb of ram. (2x8gb). Running at 1600mhz stable. I see that there's too much information over the internet, but, also, many...