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    [SOLVED] Desktop find mouse keyboard

    Bought a Mac all-in-one desktop from Groupon, came with Logitech MK320 wireless keyboard mouse combo and desktop can't find mouse or keyboard.
  2. G

    Need help with new build please

    So im building a pc right now, dont laugh at my outdated parts please Intel core 2 quad q8400 Intel dp45sg mobo 4 gb PNY ddr3 ram Evga gtx 550 ti 2 gb Some generic iso corp 300w psu Cooler master hyper t2 cooler Pny 120 gb ssd 500 gb hdd I still have a lot to learn about computers. What I...
  3. C

    Slow & unresponsive evrytime after i open my laptop in a few minutes

    Okay my laptop recently become slow and unresponsive when i start it after some minutes(5-10). My laptop is nearly 8 years old and repaired for a few times in the period. My laptop is Acer aspire 4738z and runs window 7 starter. I usually use to play dota 2 and it is the only program in my...
  4. S

    Which is the best graphics card for this build for under $200?

    Hello I was wondering what the best graphics card for this build would be that is under $200 Australian dollars. If possible 3 or 4gb graphics card, whichever is best for duel monitor setup, and could there also be an AMD and Nvidia option. Thanks.
  5. K

    Did anyone check out this new router?

    Did anyone check out this router? It seems too good to be true, I was wondering if it is a scam or real.
  6. Q

    How to track which driver causing the blue screen: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    Hello. I am no longer afraid of blue screens. I ran a hardward diagnosis, and everything is good. Afterward, I received blue screen: "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" I went in and reinstalled the drivers. Today I got the blue screen: "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Perhaps I ought to uninstall all the...
  7. T

    Buying my first gaming PC

    I have a maximum budget of around 700 dollars, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a PC that could play any game that is currently available, they don't all have to be at ultra settings but a bit more than minimum would be nice, I would like a list of components that go well together...
  8. J

    ATI Mobility X1400 problems

    I'm try to install ATI CCC on to my Dell Inspirion E1505. It was a XP OS. But I graded to windows 7. But now u can't get ATI CCC to installed. I have a Radeon Mobility X1400. Windows 7 has an update for installing the video drivers. Is the causing a problem?
  9. W

    First build and hopefully last build for awhile, $2000 gaming/streaming/rendering computer

    I want my first build to be the end all solution for my gaming/rendering/school needs and to last for years but have upgrade ability. I want name brand parts with good warranties. Things like xsplit, wirecast, battlefield 4, titanfall, sony vegas, photoshop, dreamweaver, and other adobe stuff...
  10. P

    RAM Upgrade Help Needed

    I have 3 PCs, and some various sticks of RAM. My ultimate goal is to bump the RAM in the main desktop to 8 GB. I have priced RAM to match what is installed currently, and it is running between $60 and $80. I would like to avoid that expense, and get the best bang for my buck. Using the...
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    Asus AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 supports Crysis 2, Batman arkhem asylem, wolverine x men origin ?????????????

    Asus AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 supports Crysis 2, Batman arkhem asylem, wolverine x men origin ?????????????
  12. K

    Antec solo "quiet" case

    How is this for a case? I think I've got the same one except it's white for my XP Sp3 machine. thanks :)
  13. G

    Drive Image 2002 Imaging problems

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I bought Drive Image 2002 about two years ago to copy a HDD for an upgrade. Shortly after successfully cloning the drive I was able to achieve one image to CD/RW media. Since this time, I have never been able to successfully...
  14. P

    Long story short: Need some help with a custom build!

    Hey folks. My birthday is coming up in August, and as part of a deal me and my father have made (because of my excellent grades), he has agreed to pay 3/4ths of the cost of any computer of my choice. I'm a huge gamer, however I mainly stick to racing sims such as Nascar Racing 2003 and Rfactor...
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    Problems with TDK 241040

    Got myself a TDK Cyclone(european name) 24/10/40 today. Got a problem with it though. Drive appears in device manager and in my computer, however it wont read any discs (data or music). From a command prompt the drive come up as unready. Occasionally the drive repeatedly ejects itself. My...
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    Best Registry Cleaner?

    Archived from groups:,,microsoft.public.windowsme.general (More info?) My computer has been in constant use for over 3 years. I know that the registry **has** to be bloated. I have read that some registry cleaners end up deleted needed entries, and...
  17. mo0

    Wireless Connect Awful in Win7??

    Built a Win7 system last night, installed my D-Link DWA 552 Extreme Adapter and now everything just seems to be rubbish. World of Warcraft will post 2500+ ms, internet is dragging, and my life is crumbling before my eyes it seems. Had no worries or issues with Vista or XP - in fact they ran...
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    Best laptop

    Hello,which is the best and cheap laptop in a brand?
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    Windows 7 Core Parking and Games (WoW)

    Hey all. I just built a speedy new rig and was loving my performance in games like Crysis Warhead and Batman: AS. I installed WoW and found I was spiking between 8-20 FPS in Dalaran at max settings at 1850x1050. I searched the forums and found threads talking about a var called...
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    Bootable RAID 0

    Hi folks, is it possible to mount a bootable IDE-RAID 0 with the RAID Controllers from Iwill or Promise (Fast Trak 100)? Thx for all replies.