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  1. OnyxProto

    Question Brand new RX580 at 30fps HELP

    I’ve just completed a build with a brand new 2019 Mobo with a i5 8400 CPU and a Saphire RX580 8GB. Once I’d completed the build everything worked fine, I played a game or two to test it out and it ran perfectly, getting over 100 FPS. But a hour or so later and now I’m getting locked 30fps on...
  2. LeadGaming212

    Is one of my old hdd dying?

    IS this drive dying HDDScan S.M.A.R.T. Report Model: ST3160811AS Firmware: 3.AAE Serial: 5PT0WYBP LBA: 312581808 Report By: HDDScan for Windows version 3.3 Report Date: 11/10/2017 18:25:38 Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw(hex) Threshold 001 Raw Read Error Rate 117 096...
  3. T

    Can you run 3 sticks of ram?

    Hi I was wondering with modern computers like a ryzen system can you run 3 sticks of ram I remember seeing a load of older pc's that run with 12gb of ram or similar odd number of sticks ram. Does this still work and if so what effect on performance does it have if any
  4. S

    Removed CPU; all of a sudden "not supported"

    Hey all, have an AMD FX-8350 that is supported by my motherboard - updated it a few months ago and it's been working fine. Had an FX-8370 around I thought was also compatible. Changed it out tonight, started it up, got the incompatible message, then took it out and put the 8350 back in. Reset...
  5. A

    How To How to change Bookmark icons in Chrome

    I recently answered a question regarding the boomark icons in Chrome. Sometimes the default icon attached to a bookmark is too similar to another icon. That is a problem I wish to help solve. Perform a Google search for Bookmark FavIcon Changer or click that link. Once you have the extension...
  6. gartersnake184

    Fractal Design Define R5 a good case?

    I am thinking of purchasing this case. I really like the price, and I am looking for a quiet, with great airflow case. Is this case good?
  7. C

    Guys I really need to fix this ( got this problem in many many games which I've played on the same pc without having this prob Specs : intel i5 3470 sapphire hd 7770 8 gb ram windows 10 Radeon driver 15.11 Crimson
  8. D

    AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 190GHz

    I am waiting for the windows 10 upgrade. It says "critical hardware components made by Intel for your PC don't have drivers for windows 10 yet" Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Donna
  9. M

    Corsair Vengence K65 or Corsair Vengence K70

    Hi, I'm opting in for my first mechanical keyboard. I know the differences between the types of keys though i don't know which i prefer so at the moment your opinion would be nice. I'm gonna go with corsair as i love the aluminum on them. The bit I'm unsure of is which one of thew two to go...
  10. HertzKnight

    Few questions with a Mini-ITX Build

    So I am making a PC for my Living room mainly for streaming and some steam games. I am also upgrading my graphics card in my main machine (I am looking at this GTX770) mainly due to the free Borderlands the pre-sequel) and putting the old XFX 6750 in my build. Here is what I got so far. I will...
  11. Shadeslayer110

    PC Build Review

    Hi, I want to build a new PC over the summer and wanted to know how it is. I want to use it for modern games, such as Titanfall, Skyrim, and Dark Souls 2 with decent graphics and a good fps rate, schoolwork, some video editing, and programs such as CryEngine. If there is anything that you can...
  12. E

    Upgrade 4820k or 4770k

    I am going to upgrade my PC with a new CPU, motherboard, and CPU cooler. Right now I am leaning towards the 4820k, one of the corsair closed loop coolers, and the msi GD45 mobo. I am using it for medium to heavier gaming along with streaming and recording. What cooler would you recommend and...