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  1. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] SAS drives not detected by Proxmox on Fujitsu Primergy RX300

    Hi there, I just bought a Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S7 and 6 new SAS HDDs. Installed Proxmox and plugged the HDDs into their bays. Everything works fine in proxmox except it cannot detect my SAS drives, only the two SSDs I installed on SATA ports for running OS. The SAS drives do pop up when...
  2. randompunk

    Question Power connector for HP ML370 ML350 G6 SFF Backplane Board 511785-001

    Hello All, I am wondering if this board could be added to a PC and be powered by the current PSU? If so are there any adapter cables that can utilise spare Molex cables and turn them in to a 10 pin EPS ( I think its an EPS ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers See pics below, If...
  3. G

    Question Trouble with B550 Motherboard + SAS RAID

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a PCIe RAID Controller into a new GIGABYTE B550 Aorus Elite V2 motherboard that I recently bought, and I'm having the following issue: What's expected? - The BIOS of the PCIe RAID Controller itself must show up first before POST. What happens in my case? - It shows...
  4. S

    Question How can I connect a SAS drive to SilverStone DS380 backplane?

    Hey guys, I recently bought this case which supports 8x hot-swappable SAS drives. The problem is that the backplane has 2 sata connections per drive (1 labelled SATA, the 2nd labelled SAS). This is obviously a non-standard SAS connection, so...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] SSD/NVMe for DL360 G7

    Hello, Can I use SSD or NVMe disk memory on HP DL360 G7 Server? I am currently using SAS 15K and I wonder if it is possible to replace SSD with SATA? Thank you.
  6. aeoneternal

    [SOLVED] HBA makes computer not start ?

    Hello I'm at a stump. I have a LSI SAS9200-16e that connects my 45 JBOD enclosure to my server. Motherboard is a SUPERMICRO X8DTH-IF If the JBOD is turned OFF then the computer will start and get into windows but obviously then you don't have your hard drives from the enclosure. If the JBOD...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Choosing cheap 2nd hand server for office with lots of SAS storage

    Hi all. Bit of a newbie. I'm looking to buy an oldish server on ebay to make a file server for my office. It will store a huge number of image files and a mysql database. It will need redundancy so was thinking raid1. Excluding drives budget is only about $400. My research suggests that the sas...
  8. seffzero

    [SOLVED] HP proliant DL320e Gen8 rack mount server to secondary gaming rig, sas drives not recognized

    I got a free HP proliant DL320e Gen8 server from my last job when they did their refresh. I fully realize this is a bit old, but I have extra parts and want to convert it to a secondary gaming rig. The mini sas raid card has been removed from the pciexpress slot for graphics. The front hot swap...
  9. B

    Question Problem Connecting two LSI 16i SAS Cards

    Hello, I have a problem with trying to run two LSI 9201-16i cards. The second PCI-E x16 slot detects the second card but the LSI Bios says that it's inserted into PCI-E slot "ff" (According to the bios this means invalid slot). Is there any way to get it to run the card? It's already detected...
  10. T

    Question SATA/SAS HDD Connector

    Coming here out of relative inexperience. I have recently bought a hard drive on eBay advertised as a 2TB SATA II 7.2K RPM HDD. Most of this seems to check out upon receiving it, except for one thing. When I went to connect it, I realized that neither cable was able to connect to it because the...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Finding a somewhat identical 1x8gb stick

    Someone is selling the sticks from this ram individually F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR His price for 1x8gb is 100e and 160e for 2x8gb. It's brand new sealed, with the receipt. I already have a 1x8gb F4-3600C15D running at -14-14-14-34@1.35v And their stats seem identical ...
  12. R

    Question Screen Tearing with G-Sync/Freesync under monior refresh rate? Why?

    I have the LG UD59 freesync ultra hd monitor and an nvidia gtx 1070. I'm connected with display port and have enabled G-sync in the nvidia control panel. I have run testing using the nvidia pendulum gysnc demo which I downloaded. Here's the results: Vsync On: around 1 stutter per second...
  13. C

    non-OEM batteries reviews?

    Anyone aware of websites that review/rate non-OEM laptop battery performance? I need to replace my Lenovo G50-80 battery....or if anyone can recommend....Thanks
  14. J

    Which case fans should I buy?!

    So, I have an NZXT Phantom 410 and I'm looking to get 3 more fans for my case, 2 120mm intakes and 1 120/140mm exhaust. Looking through the market I've seen way too many for me to make a choice so I'm asking for everyones professional opinion on their/suggested case fans. Sorry to say but no...
  15. T

    Can't connect fans

    Hello today i build my new game pc and everything works fine only i have 2 cables and i can't find out where i have to put them and i think they are for my fans to to let work? the lights work but they don't work for air I have Asus prime x470 pro and i use the sharkoon TG4 case Here is a photo...
  16. R

    tuner to sounder

    Can anyone recommend a tuner that I can connect to my Samsung soundbar.Can you play a music source with wi-fi without using Samsung Multi App?
  17. J

    scarlett to amp/receiver

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 can I use the output to audio input on stereo amp reciever to monitor sound and use the amplifiers volume normally?
  18. H

    I am looking to upgrade my PC components, but I am unsure what would be the best for my current system

    Hello, I have had a gaming PC for a little over 2 years now, and I am looking to upgrade some of my parts. Previously, I had bought a pre-built iBUYPOWER desktop, so unfortunately, I do not know a lot about the "building" or modification process (pertaining to gaming computers. In short, I...
  19. V

    Hopefully, narrowed case selection down to 4

    After a few hours of research, comparing features and sole searching on what aesthetics are 'really' important, I believe I have culled the herd to 4.....I hope. The criteria is as follows: - Aesthetics: really the only thing I liked was seeing a couple of helo fans on the front of the case. -...
  20. C

    Just upgraded having problems

    Hi everyone! I just upgraded from a i5 650 i know seems ancient to the fx6300 with a 990fxa ud3 both were used of ebay mobo 16g of gskill ripjaws but stock mobo gonna get one soon gonna give up a ram slot for a decent air or water cooler not sure yet but since i changed the mobo an cpu all my...
  21. K

    Difference between extender adapter for graphic card and graphic card

    Tell me about what is extender adapter for graphic card and what is graphic card... In simple
  22. M

    can't underclock ux550vd 7700HQ

    I have a Zenbook pro UX550VD. CPU overheats to 80-85 degrees under heavy load. using Intel XTU, I can disable turbo boost and change CPU voltage, but clock multipliers are greyed out. I can't find anything related to clock frequency in BIOS either. I appreciate any help. Is it possible to change...
  23. G

    ram not working

    1 and 2 slots don't work on motherboard 3 and 4 work z 270 motherboard. I tried 1 stick on all 4 slots boots on 3 and 4 only
  24. K

    Computer restarting daily from a random range of 1-24+ hours

    Computer reboots (Force shut down "Black screen instantly and) once a day then after 1-5 seconds, it turns back on, as if nothing happened, didnt prompt me to safe mode before running, (Windows 10). No matter how much CPU load it could shut down (Reading PDF files to gaming 100% load). Noticed...
  25. M

    Which bluetooth dongle do you recommend for Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS Hackintosh and Windows 10?

    Hello, I want to add bluetooth capability to my ASUS Z370-A Prime motherboard. Any recommendation? I want it to function under all three OS mentioned in the title.
  26. T

    gtx 1050 ti only running low

    hey there i just recieved my laptop (lenovo y520) with a gtx 1050 ti it had nvidia drivers when i first ran it and i changed 3d settings from the nvidia control panel to the gpu not the integrated one when i ran heaven and engine benchmarks it was running at 1900 graphics and 2500 memory...
  27. V

    Slight but noticeable fps drops

    I get random fps drops from 60fps to 59 58 or sometimes 56 in games like fortnite and gta 5 I play with v sync on and my specs are- I5 8400 Gtx 1050ti single fan Msi b360m pro vd micro atx MB 8gb ram ddr4 2666mhz I tried lowering the settings but no luck
  28. H

    Driver for scaner

    I have very old scanner ginius colorpage 1200x driver for window 10 64 bit is not available please asny solution to fix
  29. mrzippy

    I think I received my GPU DOA, but I want to make sure before I fill out an RMA

    I purchased a GTX Geforce 1050 2gb for my budget build about a month ago, however, I did not receive all the necessary parts to build the PC until recently. When I turn on the PC, the EZ Debug LED for VGA lights up, and the fan on the graphics card starts to spin. Then, the fan stops after a few...
  30. L

    help me please

    maybe a dumb question but can u use pc normally in ssd? i mean installing windows in ssd and running it without hdd, is it possible
  31. A

    8600K Overclock 4.7GHz. Confused with results.

    This is my first time overclocking a CPU and am a bit confused. I have a 8600K on a Aorus 5 Z370 board, with a CLC 280 liquid cooler. For my overclock, I have it at 1.285V, LLC set to Turbo, multiplier set to 47 and uncore set to 42. However, my temps seem really high, especially with a liquid...
  32. H

    How to boot after deleting uefi partifion on hp Envy X2

    Product Name: Envy x2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr ) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Hello everyone, I want to install Linux on my Enxy X2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr )and I have tried everything. However, due to some incompatibilities it's practically impossible to achieve.I though it would be...
  33. Thines_1

    Is Acer Motherboard compatible with other casses?

    Im planning on upgrading my prebuilt PC (Acer XC-710). Many GPU requires 2 slots and more power, while this PC has space for 1 slot and comes with 220W PSU. I'm doubting if the motherboard would fit in a different case. Im assuming that its a mini atx mobo. This is what it looks like inside...
  34. J

    Monitor works fine with motherboard, but when I connect it to the gpu it says no signal

    So I just built a new pc , The case in that link is different but everything else is the same, didn’t realize that the monitor I bought doesn’t come with a hdmi port and I have to plug it in to the motherboard, after awhile of trouble shooting the “no...
  35. G

    Computer screen is weird

    Whenever i open my laptop it starts up with a weird texture as the screen and mouse. I can’t make out anything and I can’t click on anything I can only move the cursor. Here’s the vid for what it’s doing:
  36. nitinvaid20

    Keyboard not working in windows 10(Code19)

    I have Logitech g510s keyboard and its not working in windows 10 all of sudden . its working in bios too . In device manager shows "windows can not start this hardware because configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged code 19" Edit Solved it myself it was my Avast...
  37. Y

    Slow Wifi on computer which requires wifi adapter

    Hey My computer has had extremely slow wifi since i moved it across the room. before i would get 5mbs now i have difficulty reaching 1mbs. i have tried reseting computer restarting computer removing adapter reinstalling drivers. any help would be usefull Yona Millner.
  38. R

    how to delete windows update in windows 10 whether installed or uninstalled

    how to delete windows update in windows 10 whether installed or uninstalled Hi guys, I am running windows 10 on my macbook air using bootcamp, i am on a very limited space here and dont want all the space taken by the windows update, i have tried blocking the automatic updates but i think i m...
  39. R

    I push o button but why pushing automatically 6

    I am press o button as i press o button that button automatically given me 6
  40. F

    Need help in relation to ip addresses and hacking

    So, I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 Laptop and recently my dad somehow can see everything I do on it. I feel very vulnerable and it's basically an invasion of privacy. I don't know how he sees my screen so I made a list of observations and questions to help me and you get an understanding of what's...