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SATA port

Forum discussion tagged with SATA port.
  1. CaolanD

    [SOLVED] System compatibility

    Hello, i am looking some advice regarding a compatibility message on pc part picker. I am planning on introducing a PCIe ssd to my build the Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD. However when i go onto pc part picker it gives me a compatibility message 'The motherboard M.2 slot #1...
  2. Question Unplugging SATA affected read/write speed

    My motherboard is B450 Carbon Pro AC and I had to unplug my HDD in order to clean reinstall windows in my m.2 boot drive. After plugging it back in and copying the same file I noticed that I dropped 30MB/s write speed. My Write speed used to be 183MB/s but now it's dropped to 153MB/s
  3. I

    Question Does removing SATA cable reduce gaming performance?

    I'm newb when it comes to PC gaming and someone recommended me to remove SATA port if I want to format and reinstall Windows and so I did. I never did this before that's why I'm worried that I somehow dropped my PC performance by doing so. I should've removed SATA port from HDD and not from...
  4. M

    Question Accidentally broke my sata power port on my hdd(sorry for bad english)

    so i was gaming im my Pc and the game freezed, so i restarted it, then realized my hdd was not showing on bios so i unplugged and i realized i broke the little thing that does a 90 degree angle with the cable in the port (picture below), leaving just a flat connection, so i plugged back in and...
  5. M

    Display not detected with a dvi to vga connector!

    Hello.I have this weird problem with my pc after I changed my GPU.My monitor is Acer x223w.I previously a GPU that had a vga slot so I could easily connect my monitor with a vga cable.But when I got myself ATI Radeon 5770 which has no vga slot , my pc cant detect the monitor.I use a dvi to vga...
  6. L

    Getting Blue Screen

    So I begin playing a game of Civilization 5 and about half an hour to an hour in the whole computer reboots. When it starts up again it gives me an error message saying I got Blue Screen. The actual blue screen doesn't pop up when it reboots though so I have no idea what's happening. It's...