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  1. S

    Question Backup USB Mechcanical Drive sponteneously deleted its volume and all data

    I have a drive, a 3TB Seagate Constellation Drive, Sata, inside of a single-dive Mediasonic enclosure that I used as a backup drive for my media files. Normally, I use SyncBack for scheduled backups, but I turned it off sometime last week. It copies media files from my C-Drive then deletes them...
  2. AlexMysh

    Question What would happen to HDD with data if connected to SATA to USB docking station exceeding its max capacity, e.g. 14Tb HDD in max 12Tb cradle?

    Hi everyone! I have a 14Tb 3.5" HDD with data. I do not have desktop anymore, only Win11 laptop. Thus, I need to connect my 14TB HDD to the laptop via USB. The problem is that I cannot find on my local market any model of USB to SATA that supports more than 12TB data of storage. I also need an...