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    Question 500gb M.2 for games and 240gb SSD for OS

    On my current system I have a 240gb SSD 2,5" for the OS and 1tb HDD for games and everything else. Right now im thinking about getting a new SSD just for the games, since playing directly from the HDD makes my PC sound like it's going to fly off. I was thinking of getting a M.2 format for this...
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    Terrible performance, I don't know what the cause is.

    Hello everyone first post here. I am quite amateur in the world of hardware and recently found myself noticing terrible performance in games on my PC, I've tried using common troubleshooting methods but would love to hear what you guys could suggest my specs are : CPU: AMD FX 8320...
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    Hlep with connecting a wired only device to a wireless network

    can anyone suggest a device i can get that will allow me to connect my amplifier ( LAN Cable only ) to my wireless network. it is impractical to run a lead from the router to the amplifier.