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  1. T

    Question How to decrease latency with Satellite (Xplornet) Internet?

    I am in the country working and I have noticed that the Satellite Internet is extremely slow. It works for FB and Youtube, but not for gaming (which I average 600-1,200 Ping). Below is the information about my connection speed and type: says the following: min: 614 ms avg: 699.6 ms...
  2. S

    Question how do i reopen the ?helper shortcut on my laptop?

    Hello, I have a very old Toshiba (Satellite 645series) and it had this "helper/shortcut" rectangle thing(forgive me I'm not the most tech savvy and am not sure of the terminology) hidden on the side of my screen display that if i touched the edge of my cursor would open to full-size (meaning the...
  3. C

    2080ti + Ryzen 2700x + 1080p = Bad Combo???

    EVGA 2080ti Black Ryzen 7 2700x 1080p Rog Swift PG248Q 144-180hz monitor So, I am getting okay frames on a game like Fortnite at EPIC settings. Problem is, my CPU is running at 35% and GPU at 65% fairly consistently when in demanding parts of the game, like during building when looking across a...
  4. T

    Will Dell GeForce GTX 745 handle an untral wide screen?

    Hello All! I'm in the market for a new monitor and I can't determine if my current rig can handle a 21:9 output. I've got a dell with a GTX 745 and I would like to know if it can handle 2560x1080 (or even 3440 x 1440). Currently I'm looking at getting an LG 34EM68 34" ultra wide monitor. If...
  5. J

    Eufi setup utility

    My pc won't work it keeps going to this asrock uefi setup and I can't exit how do I exit
  6. Q

    looking to upgrade my $500 pre build pc

    So i want to upgrade my pc but im unsure of the components ill need. Im mainly just looking to upgrade my graphics card, upgrade my power unit and add some more memory. Would be useful if someone would recommend a few parts for me, my budget is $1000
  7. S

    How do I backup all of my applications along with the Windows?

    Is there any way to create a media/drive/disc/img so that I can use it to restore Windows to the current state? Example, I've 95 software/apps installed in my PC, along with a lot of customization/themes etc. So, if my Windows or HDD crashes for some reason, is there any way I can use a flash...
  8. A

    HDMI over LAN to pc

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out a way to get a security camera system in my parents barn to transmit the video to their computer in the house. The security system has an HDMI cable output, but it's not feasible to run the cable to the house. We're going to have a wifi bridge between the barn...
  9. M

    Recommendations to get more performance out of my PC?

    I have a pretty big buffer $500-$600 to work with and am looking for recommendations to get the most out of my money. I am a pretty hardcore gamer and also do a lot of work in 3ds/AE. You guys here at tom's know what your talking about so I leave it to you to decide what would be the best...
  10. K

    What should i do? AMD A10 7700k

    Hello, Im brand new to PC gaming right now i have a AMD A10 7700k and I want to improve my FPS mainly, what should i do for graphics card? i want to run games like conan exiles at 1080, 30 FPS. MOBO - Crossblade Ranger FM2 CPU - AMD A10 7700k Im willing to go up to $150ish.
  11. The_Staplergun

    Two questions about RAM

    First, I have read about and I understand about memory mix matching especially between brands or models. What I want to know is if I buy two seperate but the exact same spec models and brand (literally hit "Amount" at 2 on amazon), does that apply to this? I assume it would be a significantly...
  12. T

    i5-7500 with 750ti?

    So basically right now, I have a 750ti and a fx6300. I want to upgrade, because my CPU cant cope with a few games, or it can but at very low FPS. I want to upgrade this, my motherboard and my RAM, in order to get better FPs in games. Is this a sensible idea? Or is a i5-7500 and a 750ti a bad idea?
  13. A

    Microphone is not detecting voice (Windows 10)

    So I have been trying to figure out how to get my microphone to detect my voice for over an hour now. I am currently using a windows 10 desktop, a Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P (which has worked in the past but has stopped detecting my voice. I am not sure if it's because my CPU is not...
  14. C

    first build with Corsair 460 x RGB

    Hi ive bought a 460x RGB Case with a H100i v2 and EVGA GTX 980 hybrid GPU. I would like some direction on where i can mount the H100i radiator and fans and GPU hybrid fan. Do i need a exhaust fan or can i use the hybrid fan as a exhaust.
  15. D

    Cloning OS From Desktop to Laptop.

    I am getting a new Laptop soon and I would like to migrate everything I have from my current Desktop PC to the new Laptop. The Laptop comes with Windows 10 home single Language My Desktop has Windows 10 Professional for which I have a key. It is not necessary for the Desktop to have its OS...
  16. A

    Water cooler for non K

    I want a water cooler just in case I ever do step up to K series processor and Z170 mobo. And i don't want a giant hyper 212 sticking out of my case either. And I most definitely have the room for a water cooler (Define R5 for me case and i7 6700 NON K CPU). So whats a good price:performance...
  17. callum0perkins

    Why is my i7 4790K's Temperatures Un-Stable?

    Hello, Basically, even when the CPU is idle it can go from 40 degrees to 43 to 45 back to 40 etc. When stress testing this, it can go from 40 to about 70 back to 50 to 75 to 63... you get the idea.. I'm using a H80i, running at 4.4GHz, 1.2V (I haven't tested it at lower voltages yet) Any ideas?
  18. I

    Display Port on GTX 1080 and LG monitor is currently not working!

    I just bought a display port cable for my GTX 1080 and LG 24GM77-B gaming monitor and it seems that the monitor isnt even getting signal and the card doesnt recognize that theres a display to be recognized.
  19. W

    In win 10 how move selected programs from ssd to hdd w/link

    I have a new laptop: Win10 Home 64-bit, Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz, 16 GB, FF 47.0.1 v238GB LITEON L8H-256V2G-HP (SSD), 931GB TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 (SATA). All programs I install get installed on the SSD but there are some programs I use infrequently that I'd like to move to the HDD. Somewhere...
  20. T

    How do I know if my gpu is dead?

    My mother beeps twice and I get no signal but my gpu fans work. I tried onboard grapics (with no gpu installed) and I seem to get a display.