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    [SOLVED] Display scaling question

    Since I have a 1440p 23.8" monitor, and my eyesight is not the best, I decided to put the resolution scaling at 110% in the Windows settings. The question that I have is: will this have weird effects on games if I play in fullscreen? I am aware that there should be a setting in the compatibility...
  2. O

    Question Grainy / Pixelated Text on 1440p monitor

    Hi, So I got a new monitor (Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ) and the text (particularly small text) is unreadible. Native resolution is set to 1440p and scaling is correct. Nvida Drivers just updated. Pictures linked below showing the choppy edges. Any ideas? I just upgraded to this monitor from...
  3. J

    Question 1080p Video (Netflix) on 1440p monitor?

    Hello, I am trying to get set up with a monitor that i can game on but also use as a TV to watch netflix with my wife. How does 1080p content like Netflix look on a 1440p monitor? I couldn't find any 32" 1080p monitors really that had 144hz, 1080p, and weren't curved. So i am looking at...
  4. N

    Question Can I Run 2560x1440p @ 120Hz? (43" Samsung UN43NU6950 Native 4k @ 60Hz)

    Greetings, I searched the forums and the only thing I found relating to this TV was on Tom's guides and it was about the speakers. So I decided to post here. I have a 43" Samsung 4k TV I purchased from Costco: UN43NU6950...
  5. Question Nvidia scaling

    So, i would like to play some retro 4:3 game on my FullHD monitor. And i like to see the original image, without any scaling. (i mean, the original 1024x768 image in the centre of the sreen with black bars around). In Nvidia Control Panel, even if you choose "no scaling" it offers you to choose...
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    [SOLVED] Can cache coherence be used to solve multi-GPU scaling? And how would you do/code it?

    Since GPUs communicate through L2 cache (, can cache coherence be used to connect the 2 graphics cards together? (almost like this...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] How good is the scaling of multi-FPGAs?

    According to this post (, you can connect things directly to the pins of an FPGA. So can you connect another FPGA directly to the pins of the other, and have one very powerful FPGA? What would the latency be like?
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    [SOLVED] What reasons are there as to why Multi-GPU setups don't scale well?

    Since many people say that the reason why multi-GPU setups don't scale well in some games is because there is no code for the multi-GPUs. But could another reason be driver support (for SLI and Crossfire). So TL;DR, what are the main reasons why multi-GPUs don't scale well?
  9. Shinigami187

    Optical cable dilemma i have going on here

    So i'm currently shopping for a ultra-wide monitor and I've noticed that the one i'm possibly interested in doesn't have a digital audio out to get audio from my 5.1 surround sound receiver and wanted to know how i could get analog(3.5mm headphone jack) to optical cable(not toslink) for my...
  10. R

    Connect two subnets, one wireless ADSL router, and one Windows 2012 R2 RRAS

    Setup I have is an experiment and I need some help in resolving it or making it work. I have a Wireless adsl router, with for my home. My lab is setup with hyperV host, with multiple machines, and a Wireless card that is attached to a VM which acts as a router, so that my lab can...
  11. C

    Enermax NAXN ENP450AGT

    Is this PSU any good for this build? I am also planning to overclock the ryzen 3 1200 to 3.8ghz. Will it be able to handle the pc or will it fry?
  12. 3

    PC No Bios menu and won't boot Windows

    My PC yesterday froze and so my brother restarted it and then nothing showed up on the screen. And he kept restarting it and nothing showed up. The monitor was acting like there was no signal. Eventually I did something and restarted it and the monitor turned on but there was no like opening...
  13. S

    Sound problem on Sony PS2 with TV Tuner on PC?

    How to get sound on Sony PS2 with TV Tuner on PC?
  14. P

    Seagate NAS 220- CreateVolume failed

    Before I write out my issue my drive was working fine but had one bad drive, it kept clicking so I bought a new Toshiba 1 TB HD. Microcenter told me that I didn't need a Seagate so I took a chance. Recently I bought a new SSD,and reinstalled Win 10 in my computer. The computer works fine but...
  15. A

    Geforce 9800gt 1gb

    Hi guys i was wondering how much costs an geforce 9800gt 1gb version.I use that card for a year and i because someone else built the pc i never opened it. So how much an used geforce 9800gt 1gb costs?
  16. V

    Help Overclocking Fx-6350

    So I am currently overclocking my Amd Fx-6350 with a corsair h60 AIO running prime 95 for 15 minutes now no freezing at a 47C. That number seems a little bit low, but thats what Hwmonitor is reading. I have it set to 4.5ghz at 1.425 volts is that to much or not enough. What do you guys think?
  17. P

    Windows Media Player Micro Freezing

    Lately WMP is giving some small hic ups i changed computers not sure if with my new fx 8000 series amd build is the issue. It plays video smoothly and after 20 or 30 minutes the video lags including audio and continues. I know is nothing serious but i wanna know if i should worry about hardware...
  18. rvg90

    Looking for advice on my next upgrade.

    Current Setup: PSU: XFX Pro 550w Mobo: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Plus GPU: AMD R9 280x Sapphire Toxic 3gb Ram: 2x 2gb + 1x 4gb Kingston 1333mhz DDR3 Storage: 1x 1TB Seagate Barracuda + 1x 1TB WD Caviar Green Case: No brand mid tower case with 1 back...
  19. DukiNuki

    Gaming Rig for 2K $

    Hi People . I'm About to Build my Gaming System in near future and my limit is 2.000 $ just wanna check in with you guys and get some advice on parts Im not gonna OC or Crossfire/SLI at all and i want it for hardcore gaming only . CPU & Mainboard : for Processor i'm going with i7 6700K and...
  20. G

    [SOLVED] Need help with installing OSX on my old HP DC7900 SFF

    Hey guys, I have a HP DC7900 Small Form Factor PC with a Intel Core 2 Duo, 5GB RAM, GTX 750 SFF(Zotac), and Win7 and I would like to be able to install OSX Yosemite(if possible) on this machine. I don't have a mac or any access to one so please do not suggest that way. I would prefer a way...