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  1. E

    Question Got scamazonned and accidentally purchased Razer Core X

    So as the title says, I purchased a "universal" external GPU housing on amazon. What they actually sent me was a RAZER CORE X eGPU housing. Which is only compatible with Select razer and MAC laptops, hardly universal. So here's my question. Is this still usable on an ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS M15. I...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] HyperX Cloud Stinger wireless

    Hello to everyone , So like this, I recently bought these headphones, but the guy from whom I bought the headphones tricked me by not sending me a USB for wireless connection, which is why he sold safely, but in the meantime I ordered a new USB wireless dongle from the original HyperX site, but...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Friend who built my pc screwed me over

    Basically my “friend” claimed he knew a lot about pcs and building them and wanted me to get one so he could have someone to play with consistently and rushed me into getting one. Now I’m having multiple people telling me all the issues with my build like my PSU possibly not being reliable, my...
  4. C

    Question did i got scammed..

    alright so here goes my story , around april this year i bought a laptop which is the model acer swift 3 with a graphic card MX150. and after bringing it home i decided to download simple games or low requirement to run games like league and dota. So after i have installed the both games and...
  5. alexxN00

    Question Bought a used Asus G750JM laptop and windows has a "Packard Bell" wallpaper, have i got scammed?

    Hi everyone, just bought a used Asus G750JM laptop for quiet cheep 350$ approx. And the guy said that he reset windows but when i made an account and logged in i got a "Packard Bell" wallpaper and it just looks weird and my connection is not working. I think i might of gotten screwed over or...