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  1. D

    Question Is the Scarlett Solo 3rd gen a good affordable interface to use as a sound card

    I am currently using JBL LSR 308 directly plugged in to my pc and I'm trying to further improve the audio quality. I need a balanced audio interface which will output clear audio with minimal interference and use the speakers to there potential. Would a Scarlett solo be a good choice for me...
  2. Trophyon

    Question Sound devices are killing me,,,

    Hello! I'm using W10 64. I have an Asus Z170i- Pro Gaming motherboard All drivers are updated (Realtek etc,) I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen for my two monitors and the jack infront of the Scarlett for my ATH M50X's I also have a AntLion ModMic (Jack) thats plugged into the...
  3. B

    Can my Semi Cheap PC beat the PS4 Pro? Also I need help with upgrades! Is there any other upgrades better?

    To start off let me say I recently made the mistake of buying this PC. I wasn't aware of how out dated it actually was until I found this forum after I already built the PC. Fast forward 6 months and my PC bottlenecks like crazy and its very annoying. I would buy a new GPU because mine isn't...