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  1. crazymarc

    Question monitor showing weird color bar

    I got a sceptre c275b-1858rn for christmas. I'm running it at 185hz thru displayport. I noticed a weird off-color bar and i don't know what it is. I ran windows color calibration and it showed up heavily while adjusting the grays so i adjusted the red a bit and got rid of it, but my screensaver...
  2. Gosraj

    [SOLVED] Monitor Disconnects for About a Second or Two Every Once in a While

    The title is pretty self explanatory, every once in a while, whether I'm playing video games, watching a movie, etc (it seems to happen most often when playing games however), my screen goes black for a second or two before coming back on as if nothing ever happened. It's a relatively minor...
  3. Gosraj

    Question What's the Freesync Range of this Monitor?

    Pretty self-explanitory, looking to buy this monitor but it doesn't list anywhere what range of framerate Freesync works with it (e.g. 45-144hz). Any of y'all know what it is?
  4. O

    Is 600b evga enough for gtx 780 amp and i5 2500k with arctic freezer 13?

    I wanted to ask if 600b evga psu is enough my specs are I5 2500k @4.2 GTX 780 Amp 3gb 600b Evga 16 gigabyte ram 600gb 7200rpm Arctic Freezer 13
  5. F

    PC shutdown while gaming - GTX 970, PSU Problem?

    Hi guys, I have a problem where I try to play a game or even run windows experience index - my PC shuts off. I just got a new GTX 970 (asus strix). Here's my specs: Asrock x79 Extreme 4-M Mobo Intel i7 3820 (CPU Cooler-CoolerMaster EVO 212 35? idle - 50? load) G-Skill Ripjaws 8gb (4gbx2) GTX...
  6. D

    will my rig play armor3

    Hi i have a haswell i7 4770 and gtx770 and 16gb ram, will this play arma 3,, g1 killer z87 motherboard. And any reviews of the game most welcome, i love bf4
  7. Z

    fx8320 with m5a78l-m/usb3

    Will ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 be ok with my fx8320 if dont overclock my processor..and yeah i am a hardcore gamer..pls assist me :)