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    [SOLVED] PC not posting a Video output, No beeps, No signs of life besides turning on

    So the story is, Our school is making a PC for A virtual sandbox, I was not aware of this and other kids put the parts together and built the PC a year ago, The problem is, It will not put a video output at all. They have told me they have gone through 2 different motherboards (They have the...
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    [SOLVED] Optimizing old Dell Optilex 9010 AIO

    I work in a schools IT dep and am trying to see if I can juice out a bit more speed out of these 6.5 year old machines some of the classrooms still have. Specs: os: win 10 education or 8.1 education cpu: i5-3570S (with integrated graphics) ram: 4gb ddr3 ethernet controller : Integrated Intel®...
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    Question laptop for school

    Hi all! I am looking for a laptop for school. These are the requirements I need. Win 10, 8gb of ram, I7 processor, 500gb SSD, a webcam and microphone. I saw a bunch but I do not know which would be best bang for buck. I would prefer a laptop which has great battery life but it is not such a...
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    Question Best laptop for school and university?

    Hi, I had to take in my previous laptop to Harvey Norman due to the laptop malfunctioning and as it was under warranty they gave me a credit of $1300 to purchase a new laptop from them. I have been looking around and I have found two which seems appropriate for school and university but I would...
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    Which laptop can I take for Gaming / Gamedevelopment / Softwaredevelopment?

    I need a laptop for study (I will do Gamedevelopment) but i thought let me buy something were I also can game on. I am planning to play games like: PUBG, Assasin Creed, Witcher etc. And i would like to play all off them 60fps at least. My requirments: -Not more then 15.6 inch -CPU: Intel Core...
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    Working? But with black screen

    Good evening My laptop just shut down while im working on something. That time that i tried turning it on, the power button light up but turn off immediately. Maybe just seconds. Then after 1 month or 2, i tried to press the on button for 1 minute just like the instructions of many. Then...