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  1. N

    Question Are these scratches a problem?

    Hello everyone, putting a PC together and I've scratched the back of my motherboard on a standoff. Will the scratches be an issue? View:
  2. [SOLVED] Concerned about tiny scratches on the back of the mobo

    I was fitting my MSI X570 mobo but I didn't pay much attention to a crappy screw related to the case's SSD placement, so it looks like it made some superficial scratches on the back circuit. I still need to wait for another month or 2 for the CPU to arrive due to the current lockdowns in my...
  3. Skarfi

    Question Motherboard doesn’t work scratched

    Well hello guys I’ve got aproblem with my motherboard i wanted to replace my dell optiplex case 7010 with a new one but my motherboard was stuck in it so i used some tools to unstuck it but i scratched it and now it doesn’t work? i scratched those circuit traces Photo of it: View...