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  1. N

    [SOLVED] Are these scratches a problem?

    Hello everyone, putting a PC together and I've scratched the back of my motherboard on a standoff. Will the scratches be an issue? View:
  2. [SOLVED] IHS and Cooler scratches.

    Going straight to the point: 1 - Is DeepCool G15 in the same tier as Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut? 2 - Does Thermal Grizzly have any warranty on this type of defect? I mean, change the batch i own. Hello, I had a MA610P and noticed something strange after removing it, the same i noticed in my 212...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Brand new I7-10700K just came in the mail. Appears to have scratches/blemishes around the edges. Will this be a problem???

    Imgur Post - Imgur View: Just as title says. There are some blemishes or scratches in the CPU plate. I've tried seeing they come off with a little alcohol, but they do not. What do you think? Should I request a return? Or are these going to be superficial...
  4. suyash_nalawade

    [SOLVED] My laptop got scratches on top panel

    My laptop got some scratches on my top panel ..does anyone have any trick for removing them?? tried most of the things..including toothpaste Images View:
  5. S

    Will it fit

    I have a deep cool tesseract case This case supports up to 31 cm length gpu's Im looking to buy the asus 1070 strix graphics card and it is 29.8 cm in length Will it fit or not cause im buying one tomorrow i know this is a stupid question but im afraid that it wont I also forgot to...
  6. J

    Budget gaming pc build help

    I am currently thinking of building a budget gaming pc with these parts: It would be really helpful if I could hear what you think and how to improve. How would this pc run games such as skyrim and battlefield.