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  1. F

    Question I have a problem with my PC screen (display resolution) ?

    Hi, I have a problem with my PC screen. sometimes when I turn off my PC and turn it on again, my pc screen looks crazy, it's like my pc forgot my display resolution and I need to remove my HDMI cable and link it again! when I remove the cable and I link it again, Everything is back to how it was...
  2. [SOLVED] 1024x768 screen offset windows 7

    Hello, I was playing cs:go on 1024:768 resolution and when I minimized the game a few times, my resolution suddenly got offset to down in game. When I changed resolution to 1024:768 on desktop it also got offset., but on other resolutions works fine. My graphics card is gtx 1050 ti 4gb and...
  3. basha gone wild

    [SOLVED] Screen Refresh Rate Overclocking

    Is it okay to overclock my samsung s22f350 rated at 60 hz to 75 hz without problems ?
  4. P

    Question Display issue

    Hi guys, Firstly I don't know how to describe my situations. Basically I clean my keyboard and I press something wrong. Now my screen move when I move my mouse and it's magnified. Even after I restart my computer. There's a link below to see the problem in the video. Please guide me to solve...
  5. Bill93

    [SOLVED] Identical screens with different colors despite factory reset

    I have two identical Lenovo Thinkvision L200P wide screens (1680x1050) but one of them is unproportionally red despite being reset to factory settings. However, when the button for automatic image-setup/screen-adjust is pressed, the screen temporarily shows correct colors but returns to red...
  6. S

    Question VCR type distortion on Display

    Hello, So straight to the question, I am getting distortion on screen. Distortions like VCR. What happens is, the display works just fine and suddenly I see some green lines and distorted pixels everywhere, and after that happens for like 3 to 4 times in 5 seconds, the display turns off for like...
  7. K

    How to connect a LG soundbar to a Yamaha receiver for audio playback

    How to connect a LG soundbar (optical or mini-RCA input) to a Yamaha receiver for audio playback (CD, records, MP3 - No TV)