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  1. Question Display glitches Issues with BENQ BL2420PT 1440p and RTX 2080 Super

    Hello, I picked myself up a 1440p display the other day as my third monitor and now I'm getting tearing/glitches whenever my computer comes out of the sleep mode or when the monitor is woken up in any other way. The 1440p monitor is connected via display-port(No issues when using HDMI, no...
  2. AglowOwl456

    Question Screen glitches, becomes random colours and freezes

    The first time it happened I was playing csgo. My screen was moving to random positions or glitching. I decided to stop playing and then I realised my cursor was becoming a cube of randomly coloured pixels. I began to watch some youtube and then random colours started filling my screen until my...
  3. S

    Computer boots for 3 seconds the shuts down.

    Ive got a computer problem and thought this thr best place to ask. My computer haa been acting odd, shutting down if the case is jolted which often happens if accidently bump my desk. Now when hitting power button it tirns on for 3 seconds and immediately shuts off. Wierd thing is if I hold the...