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  1. Y

    Question My resolution is correct but my screen is still pixelated

    Not long ago i bought a new screen called "ZOWIE XL LCD" (Atleast that is what it says on NVIDIA controlpanel) and I have been experiencing problems where the screen sometimes doesn't feature the colours it is supposed, the screen is pixelated and also 5 minutes ago it started putting black...
  2. arjitsawhney

    Question Is 750 W psu is overkill on this build? I was thinking of cutting some cost.

    Here are the specs any help is appreciated, I am really confused whether 650w psu would be enough for this build if I plan on OCing later? Motherboard: GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI CPU: AMD YD2600BBAFBOX 3.9GHz Socket AM4 Processor CPU COOLER: CHIPTRONEX Diffuser X500 RGB CPU Cooler with 5...
  3. T

    Question PC case for NZXT Kraken X62?

    NZXT Kraken X62 is a pretty big AiO and i'm looking for a case that can contain it. What is the cheapest case that can do it and has a glass panel? I have an ATX motherboard. Edit: Is SilentiumPC REGNUM RG4TF ok?
  4. Z

    Question New PC not performing like it should help

    So i built a new pc and all my friends with LITERALLY the same exact specs as me are getting 100+ more fps than i am on fortnite and 50 more than me on apex legends and im not sure why. Also not only am I not getting as good of fps as the people with the same pc as me but my FPS fluctautes alot...
  5. S

    Question Keyboard patriot viper 730 or motospeed ck104/108?

    Both mechanical. For RPGs and typing. Idc about whether the rgb is one-colour or many. Just unstoppable breathing disturbs me a lot. Looks matter, mustn't be small, ghosting must be 0 and I like noise.
  6. M

    Question Apex Legends SLI Help Please

    Hi, I'm looking to find out if you guys are having the same problems Iv been having with trying the get Apex Legends to SLI. I started of with the latest Geforce driver "419.35" and went the through Nvidia Profile Inspector and changed the Profiles to Apex Legends, Nvidia predefined number of...
  7. Z

    Question Acer monitor defect fixable?

    Hello I just received this curved 24" monitor but i noticed something in the top left corner, a weirdly shaped black thing i think it is not a dead pixel because when i applied pressure on it it changed shape, should i just return it or maybe there is a fix? the monitor is an acer ed242qr btw...
  8. G

    Question Is a Xeon E3-1260L die soldered or glued to the IHS?

    I would like to know before it arrives in order to buy a delidding tool in case it's glued.
  9. M

    Question Asus VG245H and VG245Q difference

    So basically I can get an Asus VG245Q for 170euros and a VG245H for 187euros, I saw on Asus site that the only difference is VG245H has Low Blue Light, VividPixel, Gamefast Input Technology and GamePlus(modes). Is it worth paying 20 more euros for this? And what's the Gamefast Input Technology...
  10. Question install windows 7 ISO on MacBook Pro mid 2009 (OS X Lion 10.7) with USB!

    Hi. i have problem install win7 in my old mac as you see in the images there's no option for select iso install in OS X Lion 10.7 and my DVD drive is broken so i can't install with cd i tried to copy the win files with the boot camp files in the USB but can't mac can't boot it I'm using BootCamp...
  11. M

    No Signal and don't know how to fix

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my pc to a new beast pc. I gave my old i7-6700 to my brother. Today we replaced his i5 with the new i7. when we power on the pc and everything works fine expect that on the monitor it says no signal. We tried 2 different monitors, hdmi, dvi etc but nothing works. We...
  12. S

    Want to buy $800+ laptop that cant even game!?! Rant

    Ok this is just a question/rant I had to get out cause I find it so oddly infuriating. So friend gets $800+ laptop. Laptop is 14inch 1080p display, 256gb ssd, 8gb ddr4, i7-8565u w/ intel uhd 620 graphics. Could someone please explain to me why the h*ll someone would spend 800$ on this when they...
  13. S

    Dual slot and ram upgrade

    Hello guys I just watched dual ram channel vs single ram videos and there was a huge fps increase i have 8 gb ram and i said huh ? lets buy some ram.Then i watched 8 gb vs 16 gb ram fps test and i didnt see any difference. Dual and single ram channel makes huge different but ram upgrade doesnt...
  14. S

    Upgrading my internal hard drive from a samsung hd103sj

    PC specs below Hi, I decided to upgrade my internal hard drive (samsung hd103sj). What hard drive would you recommend for gaming? Will it be faster than the current one? I can go as high as £120 for my budget. So far I'm thinking of getting a Seagate 2 TB FireCuda Gaming SSHD. According to...
  15. Y

    rtx 2070 founders edition

    i have an rtx 2070 founders edition. anybody want to trade for an evga gtx1080 ti ftw3?
  16. D

    Gpu fans start after boot but stop shortly afterwards

    I built my first pc. And it didn't post to my monitor but all the fans were working and the motherboard lights up. So I took it apart and put it back together (the whole pc) and now when I turn it on, my gpu fans start but stop a few seconds later. The cpu, psu and outake fans all run fine. It's...
  17. ThunDagaFlare

    Is my HDD failing? (S.M.A.R.T.)

    So today i opened this program called 'CrystalDiskInfo' and the first thing i notice is that it says 'Caution' with 05, C5 and C6 having bad properties, here is the screenshot and full report of it.
  18. The Protagonist

    ASRock B450M Pro4 Ram compatibility

    Will these RAMs be compatible with ASRock B450M Pro4? A-DATA XPG GAMMIX D10 16GB 3200MHZ CL16 DDR4 KIT OF 2 AX4U320038G16-DB10
  19. S

    Internal HDD detected in Bios but not in disk managment or device manager

    Hello, I have a 1 TB WD HDD drive and it was working fine until yesterday when I ran (Advanced system optimizer) after a restart my HDD was gone and couldn't use any of the software that were stored on it. It shows up in my Bios and I can even see the files in it, I can also boot from HDD...
  20. arbak.martirosyan

    Data disappeared after transferring from old HDD to the new HDD

    Hello, So I bought a new PC with SSD+HDD storage setup, and wanted to transfer the data from old PC's HDD to the new PC HDD. 1. I've unplugged the SATA cables from SSD (which has Windows on it) and plugged it into the old HDD (which also had Windows on it). 2. Booted and copied all personal...