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  1. E

    Question All 3 monitors go black at the same time, about 3-5 min after logging in to Win10 ? *Updated with hardware specs and sample from reliability history*

    Hi! For a few weeks ago, all my 3 monitors went black just out of nowhere. Since the first time this problem occured, the problem kept repeating, but now its no longer occasional. It happens every time i log into win 10, after about 3-5 minutes. Restarting does not fix the problem, but turning...
  2. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Creating A Script For Adjusting Laptop Screen Brightness? Linux Mint 19.3

    I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on a 2009 Macbook Pro. The only thing the Power Manager is recognizing concerning brightness is the laptop keyboard (Macbook feature), not the actual display. Currently, I have this "xrandr" argument/command assigned to the F1 and F2 keys, the keys for...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] How do I know if my computer can handle 3 screens?

    Please keep in mind I don't have 3 screens BUT, my computer does handle 2 screens very well. In fact when I bought it from best buy, I purposely looked for one that could handle 2 screens. I went to best buy and they didn't help me. What do I need to do in order to figure that out?
  4. D

    Question How do you test laptop screens?

    How do you test laptop screens? I have a bunch of laptops screens a friend gave me and a few I scrapped from broken laptop. I want to sell them, but I need to know if they work. I know they the lcd is not broken as I do not see any spots on them. My friend who works with computer told me that...
  5. leandrodcs

    Question PC not working with two displays at the same time

    I have two screens, one monitor AOC g2460 and one generic television. The monitor is linked with DisplayPort and it works at 144hz, the tv uses an hdmi working at 60hz. It all worked just fine till recently, now if i plug the hdmi on the tv, the monitor blacks out untill i unplug the hdmi from...
  6. V

    Question resolution or refresh rate?

    Heyo. I am sitting here by my pc and are currently going mad at my monitor. This is mostly due to the fact that the one I am dealing with at the moment is horrible. The screen is way to big for starters and the resolution on it is really wierd. (1768 x 992). Anyway, now I am looking at buying...
  7. S

    how to download replaced hard drive laptop os asus x540sa

    i changed my harddisk of asus x540sa laptop. how to recover os.
  8. S

    need a desktop

    I need a gaming desktop to run gta 5 on the highest level. I also want to run mods on it as well. I usually go to Best Buy. I was wanting to know what desktop would do that. That would be the only need for the desktop. I want it to be decent quality. The mod is lspdfr. My budget is $900
  9. A

    Opinion about upgrading pc for best gaming experience

    Hello guys, I've recently bought a pc HP pavilion p6720de with this specs.. HP Pavilion p6720de i5-2500 QuadCore 3,3 GHz, 6GB Ram, 1 TB Festplatte, VGA Sapphire Radeon 6570 passiv, (1GB, DVI, VGA, HDMI), interner Kartenleser, DVD Brenner... So..if you guys have some advice on how to upgrade...
  10. D

    budget laptop , need help choosing

    hey guys i am currently looking for a general purpose laptop for university needs such as programming and sometimes watching movies and stuff. As i have never bought a laptop before so i need help to choose a good enough laptop which fits in my budget . So far these two are the only laptops...
  11. F

    How do I make 2 monitors appear as 1 (Stretch Screen)

    I have a problem with finding a solution so i can stretch screen over 2 monitors! I would like to be able to stream movies on different streaming sites and stretch the movie over 2 monitors. Basicly make 2 monitors appear as one single stretched screen. Any solution on how this can be done...
  12. H

    Microsoft teredo tunneling adapter code 10

    Why this device cannot start (code 10) ?
  13. M

    Gskill sniper series vs sniper gaming series

    What is the difference between the sniper series and the sniper gaming series? My build will mainly be for gaming. If it helps this is my build: Thank you in advance!
  14. D

    Partition software doesn't show up in Xubuntu

    I installed Xubuntu 13 to the HDD. I want to partiion off part of the HDD to install windows. I've installed 3 apps (Disks, Gpartition, and KDE partition) but I can't actually find any of them in the apps list. Any other app I install I can actually find. What am I doing wrong?