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  1. fegsdc

    Screenshots link

    Hello group. Can someone please tell me how to post pictures or screenshots on this site? I tried linking a screenshot before using a free program i found on google but the site did not accept it. What is wrong with my site? Or is there a specific site accepted by the forum?
  2. P

    Question (Windwos + Shift + S) opening but not working

    after I press Windows Shift S, the program works and auto highlights what my mouse clicks, and after I let go it just disappears (like it's supposed to) problem is, it's not saving anything, I usually get a notification to save the file but now I'm not even getting that, it just disappears. I've...
  3. Z

    Keeping windows when creating a RAID array.

    I wanna setup a raid 0 array with 2x120gb ssds. I have windows on one of the SSDs. Is there any way I can transfer it to the array or will it clear out my SSDs and windows with it.
  4. L

    How to clean the Front Panel fan's filter ?

    I got the Corsair 230T Graphite case and its got 2 front panel fans covered with some mash filter anyway...this filter is getting alot of dust on it is almost white because of the dust on so my question is how can i take out this filter?( if anyone has this kind of case...) tnx for answers :D
  5. L

    Is the 380x confirmed?

    I am honestly most interested in the r9 380x. I want a GCN 1.2 card, but only the fury x and 380 have it. The fury x is out of my price range and the 380 is worse off then my card (280x). Is the 380 confirmed in any way? Or should I buy a gtx 970?