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  1. Spydra

    Question Screen Tearing Amd

    Hi, so recently I have been struggling with screen tearing. I have a rx570 and a 60 Hz monitor. I have tried to cap my fps at 58 but for some reason the game seems laggy. I also tried freesync but the screen tearing was still there. Any solution?
  2. MrBearIsHere

    [SOLVED] Screen Tearing When Playing Youtube Videos on Windows 10

    Hey guys, I just installed windows 10 on my crap pc. But when I open edge or chrome to play youtube videos, it has many SCREEN TEARING. Before this I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and youtube videos play smoothly. I'm using gigabyte geforce gt 630 (not bad but not so good) and installed latest...
  3. omkar yepre

    Question recent screen tearing issues in fps games

    my system gives me constant 300 fps in csgo and valorant but recently i have started facing screen tearing issues while i look using the mouse or make movements ... i still get 300 fps but my game feels bad ... i get screen tearing all the time ... the hardware i have is i5 9400f rtx 2060 and my...