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    Question Stripped screws on Dark Base Pro 900

    Hi, I'm looking for help in removing some screws that are stripped or basically stripped. In order to install the PSU on the Dark Base Pro 900 rev 2 you must either remove the two screws attaching the bracket to the side of the case or by removing two screws holding the back metal mesh screen in...
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    [SOLVED] LGA 1151 Motherboard bent pins

    Hello folks! While i was reseating my cpu for cleaning my mobo from dust i've noticed that it has some bent pins but my pc working fine (dual channel ram + pci e working full speed) so my question is what else this bent pins can make something not working properly other than i mentioned here...
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    Notsure which graphics card

    If im running an i7 7700k with the ASRockz270 mobo. just trying to figure out bestgraphics card to run. I was thinking a gtx 1070 but just wasnt sure.