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  1. FoxyZey

    Question Rubber missing

    Gigabyte C200 case has screw has a missing rubber around it is that safe for the glass? I have been overthinking about it and it annoys me. The screw thumbscrew is with me its not missing but the rubber around the screw house/hole (that the glass rests on from the top right spot as you can see)...
  2. FoxyZey

    Question Rubber band around screw missing

    So i was changing the position of my front intake fan and when i put my pc together i noticed that the tempered glass screw (that rests on) isnt like the other 3 , this one doesn't have a rubber pad around it so the glass rests on it from the top now it just rests on the screw. Is that okay?? Or...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me shop for screws that are 0.35 cm in diameter? (to fit a hole that is 3.5mm)

    Hello all, The 4 holes that I am trying to mount screws in are 0.35cm in diameter which I think equates to 3.5mm This is the picture of the 4 holes in my Tower 900 below: View: If you can, please help me find one with a large head. And length(from the...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Leaving 1 Standoff

    1 of the standoff for my case won't fit, Is it ok if I leave only 1 of the standoff for my ATX motherboard case
  5. iSpextor

    Question Need help installing Case Fan

    Hey guys, So the other day my old case fans (stock fans that came with the case) started rattling, etc. and at the end of the day I decided to have them replaced. Coming to the actual problem now.. I ordered a pair of Noctua NF-P12 fans. Great product really, but I couldn't even get to install...
  6. D

    Question Trouble fitting mobo into case

    I have an ASUS M5A78L-Plus mobo, trying to fit it into a Linkworld Ninja 2 mid tower case. I thought it would fit fine, but the screw holes don't line up, except for 2 of them, but to make them line up exactly, it feels like it's putting too much pressure on the mobo. Needless to say, it feels...
  7. Question Heatsink screw bush loose on the motherboard

    Hi. There's these screw bushes that should be stuck to the motherboard, but one of mine isn't and I don't know how to fix that. Should I glued them? (See in the second image,the screw in the black arm of the heat sink, there's a hole in the motherboard where that bush should be stuck) View...
  8. P

    Question Corsair Case - Screws won’t come out

    Hi, I am working on unscrewing a part of my case (the brand is Corsair) to access something. I can’t seem to unscrew the screws however, I tried allen keys and some screwdrivers from a set I have (not computer specified screwdrivers) I can’t seem to attach a photo but they are circular shaped...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Stripped screws on Dark Base Pro 900

    Hi, I'm looking for help in removing some screws that are stripped or basically stripped. In order to install the PSU on the Dark Base Pro 900 rev 2 you must either remove the two screws attaching the bracket to the side of the case or by removing two screws holding the back metal mesh screen in...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] LGA 1151 Motherboard bent pins

    Hello folks! While i was reseating my cpu for cleaning my mobo from dust i've noticed that it has some bent pins but my pc working fine (dual channel ram + pci e working full speed) so my question is what else this bent pins can make something not working properly other than i mentioned here...
  11. D

    Notsure which graphics card

    If im running an i7 7700k with the ASRockz270 mobo. just trying to figure out bestgraphics card to run. I was thinking a gtx 1070 but just wasnt sure.