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    Metal shavings size of sand grains from stripped screw possibly on laptop PCB - Generally not an issue?

    I was in a situation where I was trying to tighten a stripped screw with some tweezers and got some shavings on the PCB. I quickly used compressed air to blow it away, but I didn't double check and am not 100% if some shavings blew somewhere else on the PCB or not. I don't want to open up my...
  2. [SOLVED] Help Locating Screw For Server Chassis

    Hello, I am trying to locate replacement parts for the following items in the below table. I have not been able to find any of them. I have been trying to find the 6*5.3FM as of recently a long with the other items shown in the image but with no luck. RSV-Z2700 – 2U Metal Rack Mount Server...
  3. feldsy

    [SOLVED] Help retrieving and fixing loose CPU Heat Sink screw mounts in motherboard

    Hey everyone I did my first PC build last week, and you can find the specs here Everything worked pretty well, though I had some problems attaching the heat sink (more on that later). The PC booted up and ran smoothly, but the one problem was that it was...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Help! I have an extremely thin stripped screw

    As the title says, I've finally come around to replacing my laptop's hard drive and I've come to find that I can not open it due to 2 screws being not only tinier and thinner than all the other screws, but also extremely thin. They're located below where the disc drive would be which means the...
  5. bobbyboi

    Question What happens if a CPU cooler isn't screwed in all the way?

    I recently purchased an i7-870 to replace my i5-650. However, when my PC was booted, I was sitting on a consistent 50-60°C. I didn't know if it was normal so I booted up my favourite game, CS:GO. Not even a minute into loading and I was exceeding my max temperature, sometimes sprouting up to...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] I cant unscrew my cooler?

    Hello. I have an aio zalman lq 315 cooler installed on a B150 Gaming m3 motherboard, intel cpu. I was trying to unscrew it to apply thermal paste but i just cant get the black 4 corner screws off. They just keep turning in place. I tried multiple screwdrivers to no luck. Can anyone help? Pic...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Stripped T5 Screw — can't open laptop

    I own a Dell XPS 15, and there appears to be some thermal issues with the CPU — all the cores run hot and seem to get automatically throttled to c. 20% of capacity. This is a known issue, and there doesn't seem to be an obvious software workaround. One potential fix is to apply some thermal...
  8. GameNetics

    [SOLVED] Can i Install a ssd with a graphic card screw?

    im planning to get a new m.2 ssd tho idk which one to get but i lost my m.2 screw and i found how the screw on my graphics card fits in it. would it be safe for the ssd and the graphics card to have a missing screw? (i also have a old 660 or something idk if the screws on that would work) would...
  9. saltySquash

    [SOLVED] Is this part of the motherboard removable?

    I dropped a screw in there and i'm afraid of turning on the pc. I tried shaking the pc but the screw doesn't move. I'm 99% sure its in there. Is there a way to remove it temporarily? MB: Z390 Aorus Pro View: Thanks in advance.
  10. B

    [SOLVED] m.2 screw nut broken into the MB

    I started to build my very first PC yesterday. Everything was fine until the last piece when I tried to insert the M2 drive and fix it with the screw. I used the screw which was given by the ssd. It was a bit hard to rotate but I thought its fine, until the nut was broken down with the screw...
  11. Davidsin98

    Question The bolt won't come out

    Hello, I just got a pc and there was no post so I started searching what was the problem and I realized it was probably the screw, that screw is not like any other screws it's also probably springed, so I tried unscrewing it and it won't come out, it will make a click sound at some point and...
  12. GameNetics

    [SOLVED] Do all motherboards have the same m.2 screws?

    i dont have a m.2 screw (or its someone hidden in my house) and im planning on getting a nvme ssd (probs a samsung 970 evo) do all motherboards have the same screws for m.2 ssds? btw my mobo is a b350m artic
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Screws dropped on motherboard many times

    I know this question had been asked already here, but while reinstalling an aftermarket CPU cooler i dropped the screw like 10 times! I also don't know why. Maybe because i installed it incorrectly without plastic under heatsink and that caused me having an anxiety attack + my stupid shaky...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Quality screws and standoffs

    I replacing my current motherboard but keeping the case. I was looking to replace all screws and standoffs for the occasion and it seems that you can find any pack of case screws from a quality vendor. Everything looks very cheap on ebay/aliexpress/amazon. I don't even believe that the screws...
  15. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] Are the screws for HDD and Case fan same?

    im going to buy some screws for both hdd and case fans im wondering if these screws have the same size
  16. P

    [SOLVED] What screwdriver type i need to remove this m.2 drive screw on motherboard?

    Hi i am trying to install a ssd m.2 which is a gigabyte m.2 drive ssd 128gb drive onto this motherboard which is a b450m-plus gaming matx, i can’t install because it uses a special screw it is a 6 sided hexagon screw not sure where to buy the screwdriver for this i tried ebay i cannot find...
  17. I

    Question Stripped screws on HDDs

    Im trying to move my hdds from my hdd tray so that i could fit a new gpu in but the screws are damaged, any ideas?
  18. Question CPU Heatsink screw tilted / bent

    Alright, so here's the issue. The ONE SCREW does not align correctly. I believe this is because the Ryzen 5 heatsink may be defective. Is it defective like I think, or is there an easier way to fix this? All the other ones went in straight.
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Is my 8700k just a bad chip?

    1.375v unstable 5ghz - random windows bsods. Did not want to attempt higher. 1.375v Stable 4.9ghz. 85-90c average prime95 v26.6 blend test. Didnt bother with ftp lol. I did try playing dying light and streaming, constant 93-94c lol. 1.35v stable 4.8ghz. 78-85c average prime95 v26.6 blend test...
  20. S

    Gaming Laptop suddenly Slowed down

    I have an Asus Zephyrus M GM501. Today the display turned off all of a sudden but then it restarted and now all games are lagging. For eg i was able to play fortnite at 80-100 fps but now its 15-20 all of a sudden. Any guesses on what might the problem be. I tried windows System restore but...
  21. B

    bad caplock key, can I fix it?

    Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, bought 3 years ago. Recently the cap locks key goes bad. It does not work. Can I try to fix it? and How? I bought on Amazon and I think warranty is over
  22. H

    [solved] Having trouble in Installer boot menu

    Hi all , I have a problem navigating in the Linux installer boot menu using keyboard. I can't select anything using my keyboard. I am trying to do a Linux USB boot.
  23. Z

    dell vostro drivers

    driver for dell vostro 230 network adapter
  24. R

    NEED HELP! Im looking to build a budget gaming pc

    Im looking to buy a budget (800-1000 euro) gaming PC to run most games but mainly overwatch. I have no idea what a gpu or cpu is. I NEED HELP! thank you
  25. X

    Computer help needed

    Hey, im not sure if this is the right place to ask thi but, my computer has been acting up lately, not allowing me to open folders, and generally being slow. When I try and open certain folders, everything either freezes, or restarts the computer. Any help would be appreciated
  26. L

    CSGO high ping During In game.

    When playing CSGO in game, I am having a problem cuz my ping spikes from 120-200 but before i have a stable 30 ping.. When I go out or alt+tab out of the game my ping checker drop down to normal 30. then when i go back in the game my ping spike all over again. my internet provider is...
  27. F

    Old Build, new GPU?

    Hello, it's been a while since I went on this website, and that was 4 years ago when I was first looking up PCs. I believe my specs are: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87HD3 8 GB ram 1 TB HDD(Toshiba I think) MSI GTX 660 Intel i5-4570 If you need any other specs just tell me :) So, the real meat of...
  28. A

    Low FPS on Battlefield one with GTX1080

    I currently have a Gigabyte GTX1080 windfore i7 4790k msi z97-g45 gaming MoBo 16GB ddr3 Corsair vengeance i have Battlefield one set to the Ultra Preset with 100% res scaling in 1080p yet my FPS seems to range from 50-70 what could be causing this? Thanks
  29. I

    Best silent keyboard.

    Flatmates are going crazy about noise. I'm looking best silent one don't care if mechanical or not. I'm willing to pay 150pounds. Thanks for help!
  30. Muradin007

    Beginner here -- how to mount PSU in m350 enlosure?

    Hi all! The title says what I'm confused about -- how do I mount a PSU in the mini box m350 enclosure? I know how it would be done with a picoPSU, but I can't find any pictures, or videos, or any information saying one might do it if .... you weren't using a picoPSU. I personally would like...
  31. E

    case gaming pc

    hello, is this build good for case aerocool dead silence cube: i7 6700k r9 390x noctua nh d-14 dvd/rw lg seagate da 1 tb 3.5" ssd Samsung 850 evo da 250 gb asus z170I pro gaming corsair 3200 ddr4 16 gb vengeance psu xfx 650w gold
  32. N

    Fibre optic termination

    I want to connect 3 nos of HP 1920(4SFP model) switches to hp 2530(4SFP model) by single mode fibre optic cable. How many 1G optic transceiver I needed? Which are the materials I needed to terminate fibre cable to transceiver? Also the quantity of the same? Please help me…
  33. E

    Alienware m17xR4 not powering on

    I need immediate assistance with my m17xr4. A few weeks ago I came home to my laptop not running. I have tried a hard power down pulling the battery pretty much everything that I can think of. I'm not getting any fan motion and when using a different power source my battery light starts to one...
  34. E

    Optiplex 380 Mulit Core Enabled = No

    Why does my Dell Optiplex 380 BIOS report "Mulit Core Enabled = No" even though it has an E7500 processor? What does this mean?
  35. M

    50-70 clicking sounds at cold startup

    old pc tower - 50 - 70 rhythmic clicking sounds before Pc beeps and starts normally ( i.e will load an operating system). It only does this on a cold start and begins as soon as power button pressed and stops when beeps and screen comes on. If I reboot it only 'clicks' twice. I took the side...
  36. G

    $800 prefer/$1000 max budget help

    Hey all, first time builder here. I got my current (nonworking anymore) PC prebuilt. I could use some help. Approximate Purchase Date: Within the week Budget Range: $800 prefer/$1000 max System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, game development, art, Internet Are you buying a...
  37. E

    Need Help About My GFX Card

    Hey everyone i ask on the fourms yesterday and everyone said i was bottlenecking but i dont know i called up my local Comp shop and they said i wasn't bottelnecking Here are my main spec: So yeah and for some unknow reason i cant get shadow play when i have a better...