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  1. C

    [SOLVED] How to only get certain parts from the output of a command

    I have a script I am working on that I need to cut out part of the output from a command. For example: #! /bin/bash blkid read -p "Enter the drive from the list above (example: /dev/sda1): " drive blkid | grep $drive # <-- This is where I am stuck. I want to sort out the UUID, PARTUUID, and...
  2. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Creating A Script For Adjusting Laptop Screen Brightness? Linux Mint 19.3

    I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on a 2009 Macbook Pro. The only thing the Power Manager is recognizing concerning brightness is the laptop keyboard (Macbook feature), not the actual display. Currently, I have this "xrandr" argument/command assigned to the F1 and F2 keys, the keys for...
  3. [SOLVED] Javascript doesn't work in any browser

    I've had this issue ever since I first got this PC, so I figured it's about time I try get it fixed. In every single browser I've ever used, I have found that certain scripting functions just blatantly will not work. I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to know which functions, I just know...
  4. corsairhead

    [SOLVED] I Ran a Debloat Script, Depriving Myself of Favorite Win 10 Tools

    I'm not sure why I felt the need to run a debloat script listed on Github ( But I didn't spend enough time with the prompt which allows you to turn actions on/off before the script runs; since running the script a couple months ago.. I have been...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] How can I run a script (windows) BEFORE computer sleep?

    I have a program that runs 24/7 but interrupts sleep if I don't close it beforehand. It sets the windows sleep to Away mode so that it can remain running, but I don't want it to run throughout sleep. It's pretty easy to run the program at startup with Task Scheduler or by placing a shortcut in...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Batch file reading text files

    I've slowly gotten closer, step by step, to finishing this batch file of mine. This time, I need to be able to pull information from a text file into the batch file. For example, I'd like to be able to pull information such as a username and a password from a text file, and use it in the batch...
  7. J

    Question Batch File Script To Format Partition

    I want a batch script to automatically format a partition in windows when any program copying files pop up "Insufficient disk space" Anybody please help me,
  8. N

    Question Cant find script / pc crashing

    Hi! everytime i start up my computer i have got a popup that says "Cant find script C:\program files (x86)\OVPN\client_runner.vbs." I dont know what it means or how to solve it, please help. lately my pc have crashed a lot and gotten some blue screens and i wonder as well if this can be for the...
  9. U

    Which core are getting used by one application / Game ?

    Hello guys , I would like to ask you if there's any precise program that can show me which core/cores are getting used by one game . I know that task manager show them as well , but it's not precise and show the threads/cores at the same time , in my case i7 6700K showing that my game is using...
  10. E

    PC Problem (?) Micro Stutters in Game Menus + Disk Usage High on all apps when idle on dekstop, GAMEPLAY normal

    This is my problem. Whenever i enter any games like (CS:GO, PUBG, Factorio, World of Tanks) The main menu lags. Like lets say i turn up PUBG the fps is very low while launching up the lobby it goes from 20-30 FPS back to the normal 60 FPS and stays there and i can enter the actuall game and it...
  11. A

    Yo guys A litle help choosing Maybe a new Laptop

    Yo guys im locking for a gaming laptop that will last me for some years. I mostly play games like WoW and League some times, but would like it to run games like pubg 2. For this reason idk if i should go after one with a 1060 or 1070 card, any suggestions. And i would like a recomendation for a...
  12. L

    G3258 OC 4GHz will bottleneck a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB?

    Hello guys, a G3258 OCed to 4GHz will bottleneck a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB? PC Specs: Gigabyte H81M-D2V 8GB Ram DDR3 1600MHz Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4.00GHz Samsung 850 EVO 120GB
  13. Slumy__57

    Should I buy aftermarket cooler for 5 4670k?

    Hey everyone, So I just finished building a new pc, and I have an Intel i5 4670k in it, non OC, and not planning on it. I am not sure if I need to buy an aftermarket cooler for it, I mounted the cpu myself, I did a good job on the application of the thermal paste, and I am getting 40-45c idle...
  14. D

    Can't make google my default search provider with IE 11?

    So in IE I go to manage add-ons, I click on the search provider section, I click on "find more search providers", and it opens up a window with a list of search providers to choose from. Great so far!! I click on google, and a new window pops up with the option "add to internet explorer". Ok...
  15. G

    Would a Seasonic S12II 620 Watts PSU work well with an APC BR1000G-IN UPS ?

    Would a Seasonic S12II 620 Watts PSU work well with an APC BR1000G-IN UPS ? "APC BR1000G-IN UPS Waveform Type: Stepped approximation to a sinewave" Thanks in advance.
  16. T

    FRONT and BACK audio ports quick question...

    Since I have completed my build at the end of last summer I have had my 2.1 speaker setup plugged into the front audio port. Just recently I've thought "What if i plug it directly into the motherboard audio port?". Is there any difference between the two ports at all?