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    [SOLVED] What card would I need to get this RAID enclosure working with FreeNAS or Linux?

    Hi All, Bought and old enclosure on a whim off Ebay, and slightly regretting it now as I'm not sure it will do what I need. I was hoping to connect it to a regular desktop PC running a Linux server (OpenMediaVault?), or maybe FreeNAS. The enclosure seems to be a rebranded version of this...
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    [SOLVED] Adaptec ASR-8885 SAS RAID purchased; has Dell sticker on it.

    Hi. I'm new to seeking help in forums so if I've made any mistakes please feel free to let me know (I'm not precious!). I recently purchased an Adaptec ASR-8885 on Ebay. When I received it, I noticed that on the bottom of it there is a sticker with 'ASR-8885/DELL LF CARD' printed. OEM worries...
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    [SOLVED] Game pc Build advice

    Hello, I want to build a gaming PC but i really dont know what i should get ( i can build myself) but i just dont have the knowledge to know what is good for this price. My budget is around 1000 euro. Hope you techs can help me out.
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    [SOLVED] Solid State Drive

    My budget for a new ssd is 100, I'm new to SSDS and hoping I can get a new good one with my budget and can someone explain how the ssds speed up boot up and loading time thanks
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    MSI Installer "Preparing to install" randomly pops up and disappears on its own

    I haven't been able to decide what exactly is the culprit causing this since it's been popping up regardless of what I'm doing on the computer, sometimes 3 times in a few minutes, sometimes once every few hours. I've already scanned multiple times using different malware/anti-virus...
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    Need advice is this pc a good deal?

    I've been doing my research a bit and to me this pc seems like steal. I'm pretty sure this pc is cheaper to buy than to build. Need some advice thinking about buying it if it's a good deal...
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    240 w psu full size gtx 1050ti

    Hi there. I currently have a gtx 1050 ti pheonix and a hp elite 8300 with a 240 psu. I have bought a pciexpress riser cable and was wondering if this gpu can work on this psu. Its a single fan and uses pcie power to power it. Im pretty sure it will work but im not confident. Specs 4gb ×2 ddr3...
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    my samsung TV doesnt have bluetooth. but has 3.5mm headphone out. How do i connect a bluetooth speaker to it if there is no me

    my samsung TV doesnt have bluetooth. but has 3.5mm headphone out. How do i connect a bluetooth headphone to it if there is no menu display? Also how do i connect a Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to it through bluetooth?
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    Wi-Fi speeds and uses

    Does anybody cares about wifi speed when choosing a mobo? Can anybody use wifi to connect when downloading drivers for a pc or anything like that? What's the benefit of wifi in case if I am using just an Ethernet cable during gaming or benchmarking?
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    Our laptop can't run anything, and my parents won't get a new PC/Laptop

    The laptop we have has a 100 GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and a 1.9 GHz i5 CPU. With this I can't even have more than 1 game at a time, since only 45 GB of space is free. And the most annoying issue is that I get frame rates of 10 - 20 fps in games like CS:GO, which means it's unplayable...
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    Subwoofer not working

    My subwoofer is not making sound I have pioneer vsx-531 some settings get turn off from pioneer I don’t get it know plz help how to fix it
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    PC can only stay on BIOS.

    Whenever I go on my PC, it just sends me to the gigabyte BIOS, so I hit save and quit and it just restarts and goes back to BIOS. This is my first time building a PC, so I don’t know very much.
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    Please Help Interpret the Diagnostics of my SSD Which Holds my OS, Sluggish Unresponsive Problems, Thanks!

    My system (From the Year 2013): Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz ASUSTEK P8Z77-V LK 16GB DDR3 C: ADATA SSD S510 120GB D: WDC WD10EZEX-00RKKA0 2X Nvidia EVGA GTX660 Monitor: HP 2009 Series Wide LCD Monitor Windows 10 64-Bit Home Hi there! Can someone please help interpret the results of the...
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    My mouse is not working

    I have a Dell Latitude laptop. I can get my mouse to move using the touchpad, but when I double click or right click, I can't get anything to open.
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    I can’t remember the password for my Lenovo computer

    I don’t have anything on screen except for password box
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    is my h100i pump working?

    my last thread was long i'll make this short i have an issue i think when my room is room temp i get 29-30c idle while gaming i get 60 to mid 70c once in awhile it well jump to 80c thats with room temp is this normal with a h100i v2 while gaming? my specs are down below Motherboard: ASUS ROG...
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    Touched the top of my GPU with metal while it was running

    Okay, so basically, my PC was on and I (being the idiot I am) wanted to remove a metal panel above the back side of the GPU (the thing you pop out when you put in a GPU, a PCI express card etc) without turning the PC off first. What happened is that the metal panel thingy touched the top of my...
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    New RAM problem

    Hi guys I just bought some new RAM for my computer, I already have two 4GB sticks in my computer but just bought two more 4GB sticks of the exact same brand and model, but after I put them in and try to start the computer the fans of the cpu and the power supply spin for a second then there is a...
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    Laptop doesn't show Acer screen nor BIOS

    Hello. I am assembling this Acer Aspire 5680 just for the fun of it. Initially it showed the Acer screen but not the Bios. On the Acer screen there was a blue line down on the right that did not advance to the end of the line. Then I sent the motherboard back to the seller and he tested it and...
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    PSU fan going crazy when gaming.

    I recently upgraded motherboard, RAM and CPU about 6 days ago, it was running fine until tonight. Was going to play a game with some friends and noticed my computer being very loud. I have nailed it down to being the PSU, anyone have any advice to why it is doing this ? Also good to note that...