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  1. giorgiogamer318

    [SOLVED] Can I insert a second drive in my laptop?

    I am not an expert in laptop hardware but I decided to unscrew the chassis and take a look. I found there a pretty big empty space and some sort of port that is labelled "HDD" and another "FP". My question is: can I get a second drive in there? If yes, what do I need to do so? Images: View...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Demanding games crash after a while of playing

    Ive had this problem for a while now where if I'm playing a game with high-ish graphics or the game overall is quite demanding, my whole computer will freeze after a while of playing. For example I had these crashes on CSGO when my settings were completely maxed out, but once I lowered the...
  3. C

    Question Issues with storage detecting

    For reference, my pc is a few years old and has been running windows off of an HDD. I also have another SSD in my system. I just purchased an NVME and put windows on it, but now neither of my other two drives will detect. When I take the NVME my PC goes back to how it was before as if nothing...
  4. J

    Question How to transfer Windows and should you partition SDD?

    I'm sorry if this is a wrong forum but I can't google anymore. Please help me. I need explanation for dummies. I'm probably smart enough (IQ-wise) to follow detailed instructions, but I don't understand anything about how anything works. I have a 5 years old laptop with a HDD disk. I never used...
  5. M

    Question How do I clone from a HDD with 512 byte sectors to a new SSD with 4K byte sectors?

    I've been using a 1TB HDD as my sole drive for a good amount of time before recently getting an internal 1TB SATA SSD. I want to transfer everything from my HDD (OS, pictures, movies, games, etc.) to the new SSD so I can use it as both a boot drive and primary data drive. I tried using Macrium...
  6. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] After booting, it says I need to change my password? However, I never set a password in the first place.

    So like the title says, I've basically been booting from my SSD for the past month with no issues. However, when I powered on my PC this morning it brought up a loading menu saying something along the lines of, "Repairing C:", etc. I thought it had to do with updating Windows and thought nothing...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] Migrate Win 10 Pro from HDD and small SSD to large SSD

    Hi all, So, my current desktop setup is Win 10 Pro with 2 internal drives: a HDD, 2Tb C: drive; a 1Tb SSD (Sabrent brand) G: drive. I bought EaseUS Partition Manager Pro to migrate the OS, but I get the message: "Boot disk cannot be selected as target". Is there a way to make the Sabrent...
  8. [SOLVED] Does my old foxconn motherboard A78AX 3.0 AM3 support SSD?

    Hello i have an old foxconn motherboard A78AX 3.0 AM3 and i don't know i can insttall a ssd on this main board or not. if i can, whats is best suitable 200-250 GB ssd? can you guys help me? best regards
  9. K

    Question Old hard drive and ssd not showing up in BIOS and windows.

    so i bought a new m.2 ssd because i had no space on my pc anymore. so after installing my new m.2 ssd i saw that both my old sdd and hard drive were not showing in BIOS and a after installing windows on the new ssd they dont show in windows either.
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Using old HDD with Windows and files to just store files

    Hi everyone! I've just finished building a new PC and everything works fine. I'm using an SSD to boot Windows 10. The thing is that I wanted to use my old PC's HDD in the new build, to store files and some programs. My old HDD is the one that has everything I've stored for the last 10 years...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Help transferring OS from HDD to SDD

    Situation: I am trying to move my Windows OS to my brand new 1TB Samsung SSD 860 EVO. I have a 2TB HDD with the OS. I have done a full clean factory reset. I have been using Samsung Data Migration 4.0. After I transfer all the data, my computer freezes 10-15~ seconds into shutdown. I do a...
  12. Dondeh

    [SOLVED] I dont know what im doing with storage, advice would be amazing.

    Ok, so hear me out! I've been onto computers for a bit now, building my first one when I was 16 (where I obviously made a lot of mistakes), but recently upgraded and made (probably) fewer mistakes. One thing I've never really understood or put the time to research into is storage. and after...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] OS location keeps changing

    Hi, after a random windows 10 update I noticed that my PC was really slow l, so i check my storages (1tb hdd and 500gb ssd) and the OS changed location from my ssd to my hdd. I selected the ssd as my boot drive in the bios and it seems to work, but afer turning off the pc and then turning it on...
  14. zolalbert

    [SOLVED] Kingstone A400 240 GB SSD slow

    Hi, i just bought a new Kingstone SSD A400 240 GB. After instaling windows i was wondering about the speed, i copyied a folder(8GB), and pasted to desktop (SSD) and my speed was just 35mb/s. I thing its to slow. Whats the probleme?
  15. C

    [SOLVED] completely new to a pc and im upgrading from a ssd 256gb to 1tb ssd and not sure what to do

    hey guys im anthony new to this forums and new to the pc world , i currently have a alienware r8 that i got at a good price 2nd hand its equipped with i5 9600k and a gtx 2070 blower . Now i keep reading online that i should upgrade my 256 ssd to a 1b ssd so i can run my games from my 1tb sdd...
  16. wzrdstk

    [SOLVED] Looking for solutions...

    Allow me to explain my predicament: I just built a new PC. Currently stuck because I am running 8.1 off my old HDD and my new system (motherboard, requires drivers that only install on Windows 10. I have a version of Windows 10 ready to install, but no USB flash drive to boot from. I do...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Hdd died, upgrade time, recommendations please?

    Hello everyone My hdd fully died the day other so im in need of a new hdd/sdd. Im hoping some one would be able to recommend a good, fast, reliable hdd/sdd? I have around £100 to spend I have a nvidia gtx 750ti graphics card 8gb RAM If someone would be able to help me out that would be great...
  18. J

    Question Is there any way to upgrade my Lenovo Yoga 510 for video editing purposes?!

    First of all, I've just bought a decent camera for making some short films. Until very recently I was a film student, so this gave me access to my university's cameras and editing software... Now I need to do everything on my own! Since I have bought a camera, that's pretty much all my budget...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Computer boots of wrong drive

    Hello, I just recently upgraded from a HDD to a SSD. I then format my HDD to have extra space for games,apps,etc. But when I boot up the computer it stills ask me if I want to boot up on Windows 10- Volume 2? or Windows 10 Volume-5?. I don't know what to do I want to avoid that step when...
  20. Scar667

    [SOLVED] No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.

    PC has been working with some problems for the past year. Now when I try to boot it I get this error: View: So, I bought a new SSD. Installed Windows on it. Checked the connectors Ran CHKDSK C: /F and CHKDSK C: /R Used the Windows Startup repair or whatever its...
  21. matzumoto

    [SOLVED] Moving M.2 to a new pc.

    Hi! Im about to buy a new pc soon and I have a m.2 250gb in my laptop only games installed. (No windows). My question is can I clean the m.2 and move it to the new pc? Thanks :)
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Should i buy sdd or upgrade my ram ?

    I have a acer a515-51g i5 8th 8250u 8gb ddr4 ram 1th hdd, windows 10. I'm thinking about making laptop run faster, I don't play games, but I use chrome browsers a lot like 15+ tabs little photoshop. Currently laptop is little laggy at times, tried a lot of optimization. Boot time is very...
  23. S

    Question system32 missing error when i boot up with my new ssd

    My pc boots up perfectly fine when I only have my hdd plugged in but when i plug in my new ssd with it, my pc wont boot and tells me im missing system32
  24. Maximuxis

    [SOLVED] Emtpy Optical Drive slot, can I install an SDD drive (Laptop)?

    Hello guys, I'm new to this because I recently decided to upgrade storage on my laptop (preferably to SDD), which required me to do lots of research but I'm stuck now and need guidance. I discovered that there's an Optical Drive slot on my laptop that it's basically empty, the user manual...
  25. H

    Question Need help accessing an HDD

    A couple of days ago my computer seemed to have... 'bugged' out, my Windows froze and when I tried to boot it up again, it would be stuck on everything, from launch Windows, to trying to format, to repairing, but that part has been fixed, with a consequence. It was my HDD, for some reason, the...
  26. luzhun

    Question 2TB Drive "Full" but only 400GB is used.

    Hey all. Is there a good way to see what may be taking up HDD space? Supposedly out of a 1.81TB drive, only 9.51MB is free! There is no way that it can be full. I went to properties on each folder within the drive and calculated that only around 400GB is actually being used. It is a secondary...
  27. Falco57

    Question BIOS freezing with new SSD?

    Hi guys, so i bought an SSD (PNY 120GB) a couple of days ago, burned an image of Windows 10 1809 into a USB stick and tried to install Windows on it, the installation went fine, then when i restarted the machine, it would get to the windows 10 loading logo and the PC would restart, so i got an...
  28. J

    Question Is my SSD corrupt? It's not showing up anymore, after reinstall of Windows

    Hello Everyone, looking for some input on whether or not my SSD is corrupt. This last Friday I was updating the BIOS and some other updates through Gigabyte and the software center. When I logged on the next day, Windows was operating funny (things like windows media player not loading, only...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Which component needs upgrading?

    Whenever I run games and have it minimized, my pc runs really slow. Chrome takes like 20 seconds to open, opening windows explorer is slow, even opening my start button takes a couple seconds. With games (ex. Apex legends) is minimized, my ram runs at 70% usage in task manager. Even after...
  30. M

    Question Pc not allowing me to select boot and install windows

    So i just put my new pc together and im trying to install windows, however in the boot priority nothing shows up, not any of the 3 hard drives i have plugged in. They will all show up over in storage information but theres no way for me to select what drives to use, also when i plug in my...
  31. C

    Question HDD and SSD not being recognized by PC

    Hi there everyone! I just completed my first PC build and I'm running into some problems. When I first booted up my PC and the BIOS, it showed only my SSD in the Boot Menu (970 Evo NVMe M.2). I double checked all my wires and plugs and realized my HDD wasn't fully plugged in. I fixed that then...
  32. Barkles3

    Question m.2 SSD + Sata SSD

    Hello, In my computer currently I have two m.2 SDD drives, one Sata SSD drive, and a Sata HDD drive. However I can only get the Sata HDD drive and the one M.2 SDD drive to display and allow me t use them. I have gone into the Disk manager and nothing, I can't even see them in there. I have the...
  33. X

    MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 Not Booting

    Hey guys, I recently built a Ryzen 2700x System using an MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 mobo. I bought new RAM too, Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz DDR4 (RGB). Problem is, nothing posts. I'm not getting any error LED's, no DEBUG LED's, and everything is spinning up fine. My Monitor even detects when it...
  34. G

    (SOLVED)--Gpu making zzzz sound PLEASE HELP

    Yesterday, my gpu started to act really weird. First, fans were going up to 80% and didnt let gpu run hotter than 65 degrees celsius. I thought maybe i set temp limit but no i didnt. Same problem today, gpu fans acting weird but now i have 1 more problem. I opened up fornite, and my fans...
  35. Craftninja7

    PC randomly crashes while playing games.

    So i have this issue with my computer where it crashes anytime i play games. It crashes to a randomly colored screen, and it never happens when im just browsing the web or something. Specs: CPU: i3 2100 GPU: GTX 550Ti PSU: VisionTek 700w RAM: 6GB DDR3 My harddrive isnt properly mounted, its...
  36. S

    help deciding on between asus routers

    I'm looking at the following ASUS routers: RT-AC3100, RT-AC88U, RT-AC87U, and RT-AC3200. I'm leaning towards the RT-AC3100, but it is significantly more than the AC87U and only a bit less than the 88U. I only have 2-3 AC devices in the house, and much of my equipment is hardwired. I am...
  37. H

    BSOD IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal while playing games

    Hello! I built my computer a few months ago and installed a fresh version of Windows 10 on it. I've been having problems with the computer for a while now. It seems to happen only when my system plays more taxing games like Fallout 4 and Witcher. It started with my graphics drivers crashing...
  38. juannfox

    Asrock Z97 Pro 4 - No Peripherals on BIOS

    Guys, I tweaked some settings on my Mobo and apparently I managed to screw with the peripherals during Bios. Once Windows boots, both mouse and kboard turn on, but what good is a Bios with no way to manage it? Any ideas on how to fix it without jumping the CMOS? I already have an OC profile and...
  39. N

    Intel I7 6700K Overheat problem

    Hey all, thanks in advance for looking at this. I just built a new rig with the intel i76700k. I'm using: EVGA Hadron Air case Intel I7 6700K 2 Noctua Fans Cryorig C7 Mini Itx CPU Cooler with Arctic Silver paste. 500W EVGA Power supply with an ASUS GTX 970 Strix Graphics Card Asus Z170i...