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    Question HDD, SD, RAMdisk wizardry

    I have two big issues stemming from programs that are badly optimized. I have come up with possible solutions for each of them and i would like someone who isnt a total noob to give me a reality check on them. ISSUE1: 32bit but using too much RAM A particular game i absolutely love is now close...
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    R9 290x vs R9 390

    Hi I am going to buy a Sapphire vapor x r9 290x or a R9 390 Nitro. What card is better and can you even buy the Sapphire vapor x r9 290x? The x not just the 290. Thanks
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    Unstable FPS drop in all games

    I recently built a new computer here are the specs: G3258 (OC to 4.2ghz) EVGA 750Ti 2gb Asus B85M-G R2.0 8GB ram EVGA 500W PSU 500GB HD Monitor running at 1920x1080 When playing games like battlefield 3 on high settings, the fps fluctuates. It goes from 40fps and suddenly drops to below 20fps...