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  1. 5leadgaming

    Question Sea of Thieves using 20gb+ ram

    Sea of Thieves using 20gb+ ram, unsure as to why, just checked task manager while playing and saw 90% ram usage and saw SoT using approx. 24gb as I am writing this now, restarting my game fixes it for a while then after I've played about an hour it swiftly goes to 24gb again I have 32gb Corsair...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] HP XW8600 Dual Xeon e5450 - some games not launching

    Hello, I recently managed to get my hands on an HP XW8600 workstation, on which I attached an GTX 970. Shortly, as stated in the title, I have some issues and can not launch some games in windows 10 ( AC Valhalla, Doom Eternal, Horizon Zero Dawn for example) - no error being generated...
  3. Tannky043

    [SOLVED] Change where new content is saved help!

    I am trying to download Sea of Thieves but my ssd doesn't have enough storage for it, so im trying to change where it downloads but everytime I try to change it, a window pops up and says "We couldn't Set your default save location" and comes up with an error code "0x80004004"
  4. menyTV

    Sea of Thieves - can i run on this laptop?

    Hello, I have question, i see videos on youtube where some peoples playing sea of thieves on laptop where Intel hd 520, yea its low for this game, but work on 15-25fps and i have question, can i run it sea of thieves on this laptop? I mean i have better graphic card than intel hd 520. Intel...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Judge my first build/gaming pc 2019

    Gaming computer- mainly for sea of thieves- aiming for at least 60fps at 1080. Also, red dead 2. I want a solid build that won’t get outdated too fast but for cheap as possible lol. I did my research and think I have it all picked out. (But randomly chose a psu at the store) I figured I would...
  6. LarrySportello

    Question How do I remove 18 instances of Sea of Thieves from my hard drive?

    Sea of Thieves is taking up 680gb of my hard drive. It has allocated space seemingly once a month or so since the game came out. It keeps telling me I dont have the permissions to remove the game files even when I change the permissions from system to my user account. Im logged in as admin and...
  7. G

    Question Microsoft games crashing

    Hi I have a big problem. I just bought sea of thieves and forza 4 for my pc. When playing the games they crash like if in pressing alt f4 no error code appears. No nothing. I checked for any updates of my pc components and they were all good as windows updates. Tried to lowering graphics...