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  1. A

    Question Seagate External Slim SSD not showing up in file explorer

    As mentioned, my drive isnt showing up in file explorer. Its a relatively old drive (around 3 years) and I wouldnt doubt theres an issue with the tech itself but Id like to explore ways to get my data back first. It shows up in device manager before removing itself around 5 minutes after being...
  2. A

    Question External Harddisk issues- need HELP!!

    I have Seagate Backup Plus 2 TB External Harddisk. So i have this issue: until 2 days back i could copy FROM the external hdd anything without any issues. In the last few months i haven't copied anything to the drive. Now i copied some stuff around 20gb to the drive but in between i got an I/O...
  3. P

    Question External drive not detected, LED won't turn on

    Hey all, so here's the story: I purchased a new WD 10TB and wanted to start backing up my other drives to it. My other drives include a Seagate 2 TB and a Samsung T3 250GB, both of which have been great since I got them. So I go to transfer about 800GB from the 2TB to the 10TB, and while it's...
  4. asem1123

    My system won't boot up from a Bootable Windows 8.1 DVD

    A long time ago (?) I tried booting up the same machine with Windows 10 and it didn't work, it got stuck on the windows 10 logo forever. Then I asked some people here and I think one said that I could probably get Windows 8 to work, so I downloaded the Windows 8.1 ISO from Microsoft's site and...