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  1. MaxiTaxi8000

    Question My M.2 ssd is not recognized. Help

    Hi there, I just built my first computer a few days ago, and at that time, I had my Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD seated in the ASUS B450-F board. I installed windows on it, and it booted fine, but after installing a hard drive and an aio, the bios doesn't recognize the ssd. I have tried plugging the...
  2. B

    Question High HDD response time with 100% usage when any kind of write activity on the disk.

    Hi HDD: ST2000DM008-2FR102 (Seagate barracuda 2TB) Problem: Once steam wanted to download updates to a game, but it wasn't be able to relocate disk space. The disk was spinning at 100% with high (~500-3000ms) response time and less than 1mb/s write speed. I have saved all the important files...
  3. SapienNoHomo

    [SOLVED] ROG B350 F-STRIX Gaming White LED

    Last night, I went to go say goodnight to some friends on my computer, but when i turned it on, right after windows startup, the fans got louder and the screen went black. I tried again, and it did it once again. I didn't think much of it, so i went to bed. When i got home from school the next...