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  1. S

    Question Windows StorPort or Storahci waking hdd every half an hour

    My hard disk (Seagate Barracuda 1Tb - ST1000DM010) has been waking every half an hour even if I don't use it. I didn't bother about it earlier, but now it is apparent and irritating. I don't get any errors while using it and no speed problems. I bought it a year ago. I checked the event log...
  2. R

    Question Multilevel problems: PC turned off, undetected hard disk, no signal to monitor

    Here's a puzzler and also my first post here. I'm guessing I know the next step, but I thought I'd also try to get some input from you. 1. My PC had been turning itself off when I played games while having another video/music running in the background. Went on for some month. Temperature was...
  3. msrsuvo

    Question Which 4tb hdd one will be better

    Please check these and let me know which one will be better. And can I use 4tb hdd and 256gb ssd with gigabyte ga-b75m-hd3 mobo? I am using 16gb ram. Toshiba 4TB Sata Desktop Hard Disk (RPM- 7200) Seagate Barracuda 4TB SATA 3.5 inch HDD (RPM- 5400) Western Digital (WD40EZRZ) 4TB 3.5″ BLUE...
  4. amir.bisk

    [SOLVED] Reallocated Sectors Count on HDD

    Hi, I have a HDD from Seagate (ST1000DM003) I've had this hdd for 6 years ; it's power on time is 6730 hours. I was using HDD Sentinel for monitoring this HDD like always but suddenly every thing on windows freezed and the HDD Sentinel showed 12% health with 8 Reallocated Sectors Count and 240...
  5. M

    PC won't shut off.

    Hey guys! I'm having a little trouble turning on my pc. See, the thing is, when I hit the power button, the case fans turn on, but the computer isn't actually on. I have to turn the pc off by turning off the power supply in order for the case to shut off. Please help! Specs: NZXT Phantom 410...
  6. G

    Updated M5A97 R2.0 BIOS, computer won't boot

    Updated the BIOS on my mobo last night and it restarted fine, but when I booted it this morning nothing happened, monitor stayed in standby, keyboard didn't light up, nothing, the machine just idled. Turned it off, powered on again but this time the machine beeped (which I never normally does)...
  7. S

    laptop which is good

    hey man i have 60000RS i want to buy a laptop with that price with awsom processor and psu and mainly a great graphic card taht can run assassins screed unity at very high and many other games at ultra laptop it must be range at 60000rs
  8. C

    Possible pc build thoughts ? I will be using this for gaming and multimedia how well would this setup run bf4?
  9. G

    Eyefinity Monitor Suggestions?

    Time to upgrade my display. I currently have an Asus MX279H, but would like to change to eyefinity. I am currently looking at three monitors, and eventually hoping to have five total. But I can't decide what monitors to get. I need to be able to switch it to portrait mode (eventually want 5...