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  1. M

    Question 4TB vs 2TB M.2 PCle SSD // What's the best 4TB SSD?

    I already have 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD. But I am considering a bigger SSD because I am running out of space. 1. Are 4TB M.2 PCle SSD better than 2TB ones in terms of specs other than storage volume? 2. What's the best 4TB SSD? This is a simple table I assembled. Sabrent Seagate...
  2. G

    Question HDD Seagate Barracuda weird sound

    Hi everyone! Just 2 days ago I bought new Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive (ST2000DM008). I plugged it in, set it up and everything was fine till I found out that this disk make weird noise while under load (for example launching and playing a game which is installed on this disk). It makes some...
  3. alanvatrox

    [SOLVED] External Disk reporting different SMART values

    Hello. I have a 2TB Seagate Expansion+, bought 3-4 years ago, and recently I noticed through Acronis Drive Monitor that it had a bunch of bad sectors, 80 to be precise and 40 for both Pending Sector and Uncorrectable Sectors. Another day passes and the bad sector count jumps to 192 and the...
  4. vikaskumar2299

    Question Does it mean my external hard disk is internally damaged/corrupted?

    I bought a new Seagate Expansion 2 TB hard disk yesterday. I used it and copied 200 GB data on it. Which copied successfully. Then I copied some more data but during that I lifted my laptop to place it somewhere else but I forgot that my hard disk is attached to it with USB. So the hard drive...
  5. taghiramzi

    Question Can I replace a Seagate PCB with identical Maxtor one ?

    Hi everyone I have a faulty seagate 320gb (ST3320613AS, pcb number 100504364 REV B) which is undetectable to bios, and has some needed data in it. In search of doner pcb, I came across a maxtor 160gb with almost identical label (except the logo) and same pcb number. So I'm wondering, can I use...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Different Exos hard drives?

    The information might be buried somewhere on Seagate's site but I can't find it. I've tried any number of Internet searches, looked for YouTube videos for the information and have come up blank. Seagate doesn't seem too interested in answering questions so maybe someone here can help me. I'm...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Seagate External Hard Drive not working - Tried to Troubleshoot - No Luck - Can you help?

    I have an external hard drive, Model # SDR00F1, from Seagate that I was using, and it suddenly stopped working. I transferred data to it and it went to the drive at a good rate (20 MB/sec). After a little bit, the drive started lagging and I couldn't open anything on the drive. I removed the...
  8. Nitrox8760

    [SOLVED] New HDD with varying proformance

    Hey All, I just received a new Seagate HDD for Christmas, which I was planning to use for game archiving. I formatted the drive and then tried transferring all my steam games over to it, performance seemed good to begin with, speeds were >100MB/s, however after a few games had been transferred...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Just bough a new harddrive, makes weird noise

    Hi, i bought a seagate 4tb ironwolf pro 7200 rpm nas drive, put it into my system, and whenever the drive is working hard, i hear subtle "banging". I suspect its the read/write head? Its super annoying. Or could it be a sign of malfunction?
  10. [SOLVED] HELP Hard Disk Unknown and Not Initialized

    Hi Everyone, I have 3TB Seagate baracuda 7200 RPM, it was fine until yesterday. Yesterday the system still can read the HDD, but sometimes it's missing, and then shows up again in windows explorer. Today the HDD is not showing in windows explorer at all. So I check on the disk management, it...
  11. Danvic

    Question CDI result Command Timeout 4. Is this something to worry about?

    Please look at my Seagate external HDD CDI report about Command Timeout. Thanks.
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Seagate 5TB HDD not recognized by PC

    I have a 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive that worked fine in 2017 but haven't used since then. Today, trying to access the HD, my PCs/laptop won't recognize this HD. Can it be a firmware corruption or a PCB issue? When I try to turn it on, it makes two clicking noise. Is the sound normal? Any...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Seagate SSHD 320gb I/O device error and easyUsdate recovery cant find it.

    Please can anyone help? I have a Seagate SSHD 320gb that is not working, it comes up with I/O device error in dsk mgt and easyUs data recovery cant find it. I have checked connections etc and tried alternatives. I can hear the drive do something on start up in a caddy but thats where it ends...
  14. P

    Question Seagate Exos 16TB doesn't support hot-plug

    In my PC I have six hard-disks which are by default off, but can be turned on individually using hdd-switch. I have x2 HGST x2HGST/WD x1Toshiba and x1Seagate HDDs. Seagate disk doesn't wake up when I turn it on using HDD switch. I know it's HDD issue because on same SATA port other HDD brands...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Seagate NAS 4-Bay Transfer Speeds

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2nd hand Seagate NAS, I am currently moving over my media from older drives to the NAS. I am experiencing really low transfer speeds though. I peak at about 11 mb/s, which means that my stuff will take a couple of DAYS to transfer over. I wasn't expecting my...
  16. Question Seagate External USB 2TB Hard Drive Becomes Sluggish/Unresponsive?

    A couple of months ago, I purchased a Seagate "Basic" 2TB USB external hard drive (STJL2000400). Looks exactly like this: During light usage, it functions fine. However, I've been...
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] Secondary slave hard disk error

    Disk- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB HDD I was having some troubles booting up my computer for a few past mornings and thia morning it slowly booted till the desktop but the desktop was unresponsive (i could use mouse and keyboard, but couldn't run anything. So i thought to try my spare 250 GB...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] My external SSD stopped working suddenly, not showing anywhere in Windows ?

    Hi, I've got a 1GB Seagate Expansion portable SSD. I have used it for over a year with this laptop and It was working fine until last night on my MSI GE62VR Apache Pro laptop. I was downloading something on the Microsoft Store to the external drive last night. I was at the same time trying to...
  19. mrmike16

    [SOLVED] Looking for a good, reliable desktop backup drive- and it seems impossible

    Hi everyone, As the title says I've been looking for a reliable desktop backup drive. I don't need much, 3-4 TB. I tried the new Seagate Backup Hub once and it was failing from the start- Then I noticed the reviews. On all of them. This is a bit worrisome, since based on reviews there don't...
  20. Y

    Question Bricked hdd

    Hello, I am currently having problems with a seagate 2tb external hard drive. I have had this issue in the past, but I cant seem to figure out how to fix it this time. so, the drives purpose is to store games on my Xbox but when the drives reaches a certain capacity it fails and the Xbox wont...
  21. H

    Question Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 4tb not working, making loud mechanical sound (video attached), Can i fix it ?

    Hi all, just bought new pc and all is working fine except HDD. Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 4tb - short video with sound to show the problem under that link. If the video wont load up,. ill reupload it on Vimeo...
  22. D

    Question The weirdest Hard drive failure

    The weirdest thing happened 2 days ago. My EXFAT formatted portable Hard drive (Seagate Slim), suddenly Unmounted from my Mac and never came back on again. The drive spins when I connect it, the light shows but it doesn’t get recognized on the Mac or on disk utility or even system profiler on...
  23. P

    [SOLVED] HDD detected in bios but not in windows

    Hi. So here you go, I have a Seagate Barracuda HDD with a capacity of 250GB. I installed the HDD in my PC (Internal). After I checked the HDD bios it was detected and I restarted my PC. After my PC booted windows there was a text "To skip disk checking, press any key within X second". So I wait...
  24. M

    [SOLVED] External Seagate SSD not detected ?

    I'm having some trouble with a desktop I built (I already submitted a different thread for that) and after months of frustrating troubleshooting decided to go the extreme route and just wipe everything and start from scratch. However, I wanted to move a few things onto an external SSD I have...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] Seagate External Hard Disk Not Detecting On Windows 10 Pc!

    My 2 TB Seagate external hard disk (Seagate Backup Plus Slim / STDR2000200 ) is not detecting on windows 10 PC. The light in the HDD is turning on and the USB connection sound can be heard in the PC when connecting. But its not showing up on 'This PC' and in disk management. It is showing up on...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] External Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 is not powering up

    I have an external Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 which I am using with a Windows 10 Laptop I am green with hardware The power-cord broke, and I may have overvolted it's enclosures with the wrong power adapter before I got the right one. I have removed the enclosure & attatched photos of...

    Build Advice Need help in choosing parts for a new build

    Hey guys, I am planning to build a new PC for gaming and productivity (mostly Software Development). For the time being, I'll be using a single 1440p monitor for the time being with no plans on upgrading to a 4k display for at least 2 years. Budget Range: ~$2500 System Usage from Most to Least...
  28. S

    Question Seagate external HDD light blinks, but disk not reading, need help!

    Hi all, I have an External 2 TB Seagate HDD, and today i noticed that the blue light blinks and i cannot open the HDD, even the drives shows in windows explorer. No sound coming out of the HDD. When i connect the HDD via USB, it asks me to format the HDD: On Device...
  29. tkahn

    [SOLVED] HDD SMART errors 197 and 198 count went from 20 to 0 (zero) after wipe and reformatting. Can I use the drive?

    I have a Seagate Barracuda 8T drive (ST8000DM004 ). Yesterday I got a warning from CrystalDiskInfo regarding the SMART parameters: 197 (Current Pending Sector Count) 198 (Uncorrectable Sector Count) It reported a RAW count of 8 for both these parameters. I unmounted the drive and ran chkdsk...
  30. B

    Question Not booting after installing M.2 NVMe

    I have ASRock X399 Taichi with two M.2 NVMe (Intel 660P 2TB). One is used for the OS (Ubuntu) and the other is for the storage. I installed another NVMe (Seagate FireCuda 510 2TB), but the system does not boot (the boot drive is still one of the Intel 660P drives). When I remove the third NVMe...
  31. monmon77

    [SOLVED] my seagate hdd 2tb not blinking and not working

    5mos ago my seagate hdd stopped working, I just plugged it in when there's no blinking and it cant be detected by my laptop. I've got a large number of files in there so I've been really careful using my hdd. please help! I've got important files in it.
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Seagate Exos X18 Enterprise 18TB

    hi, can I use this HDD in my desktop PC, mainly for storing my movies and music collection ? Seagate Exos X18 Enterprise 18TB HDD CMR 3.5" Hyperscale SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 512e 4Kn Fast Format Low Latency with Improved Caching Model Number: ST18000NM000J thanks
  33. S

    [SOLVED] New Seagate Exos 16TB hdd making noise?

    I just got a new seagate Exos 16TB hdd and sometimes I hear it making noise. Its like a low clicking buzzing noise. Sometimes it will start then go away. I haven't had any issues with crashes or data lose so far. There doesn't seem to be any specific task that makes the drive noisy. Is this a...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] .

  35. _Binz

    [SOLVED] Can't fully plug in sata cable into HDD

    As written in the title, I found this thing happen to me today, to make it clear I'm using the 2.5" Seagate Barracuda 1tb for my ITX build since it won't fit the 3.5" drive. It never happen to me before, it first I thought it might works just fine but it didn't, my pc even shows nothing in the...
  36. Skydaz

    Question Local Disk Keep disconnect and reconnect sometimes while producing a Buzz sound.

    Specs ; Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac Rtx 2060 16GB XPG ram B450m asrock steel legend 120GB SSD Gigabyte GP-GSTFS31120GNTD Health 97% 1 TB HDD Seagate ST1000NM0033-9ZM173 Health 100% source hddsentinel* Hi, so my weird problem is, when ever im using my PC {not idle} ...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] Hdd is not booting

    My friend ask me to help him troubleshooting, but I'm stuck with this issue. He has an Asrock H61M/U3S3 motherboard with an older Seagate 1TB drive, the hdd was working fine without any issue till last sunday. Now it's not booting and somethimes it is not visible in bios. If the HDD in plugged...
  38. Chris David

    [SOLVED] Is my Seagate 4TB EXT dying ?

    Title. Got a Seagate EXT 4TB that near 2019. That being said, about a few months back, I was using it on a trashcan PC and it constantly kept throwing errors at me, I was sure as hell that the HDD was dying on me and just kept wrapped so as to not lose my data. I live in a area with constant...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] Why can I only use an hdd, and not an ssd?

    I am trying to add a second hard drive to my laptop. The SSD will not show up in window's information about my computer, but it will show up in my computer's bios. When I put an old broken HHD in though, it will show up in both the bios and windows. When I contacted acer customer support about...
  40. J

    [SOLVED] Looking for the "best" HDD (2021) - Any recommendations?

    Hi there! My old WD Black internal harddrive from 2013 just went toast and I need to replace it. I'm considering replacing it with and SSD, but I have to check compability with my motherboard first. In the meantime I'm wondering which HDD's are the fastets and most reliable on the market today...