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  1. Question Strange Problem with Windows Taskbar not letting me click certain elements.

    I am encountering a strange problem where certain elements of my windows Search bar will not let me click. I will explain: Recently I have notice that I could not click any items in my search specifically the bar where it says "Type here to Search". Additionally, I am not able to click on...
  2. Gecko_Pirate

    [SOLVED] Search Bar not working in "Start" and "Explorer".

    So basically when I try using the search bar from the Start it automatically closes and when I try using it in Windows Explorer nothing happens, it would not let me type or anything. I tried (almost) every tutorial on YouTube and none of them worked. Here's a quick video on what it looks like...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Remove or disable search in File Explorer

    Hello everyone. Interested in the question, is it possible to somehow delete the search string in File Explorer or leave it, but break the search engine so that there are no results? I have read a bunch of material, tried Classic Shell, but all to no avail.
  4. Dire Weeb

    Question Bizarre problem with audio driver ?

    Having a problem with my audio drivers. I'm very close to solving it, but it's been quite the beast. Windows 11, ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard, Realtek drivers. Basically, I hear a pop whenever an audio channel opens or closes, my Windows Search is broken, and I have no Realtek HD...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Edge search bar won't open search results. Instead bounces back and forth between urls that seem like they are spam

    Here is a video screen recording of the problem. Google is set as the search engine for the search bar.
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 app and services issue

    My pc Start menu, Search bar, Microsoft store, Windows Security, Photos app, and Cortana has stopped responding and working. Out of nowhere it doesn't let me search, start logo does nothing but a blue circle for a split second, Cortana loads up for a split second then closes, The Microsoft store...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Windows search not updating

    My windows search seems to have stopped updating. I've tried rebuilding the index with no success. For example, I've uninstalled Premiere Pro 2019 a few months ago, and installed Premiere Pro 2020 instead. Even to this day, my windows search still shows Premiere Pro 2019 instead of 2020 despite...
  8. T

    Question Windows search bar not working anymore

    So i've been downloading some crack for a game which uses an external program (like an install exe) but i doubt the problem lies here. It was stuck so i went into my task manager and closed it from there to shut down the program. It was called something like "jkn" and took up 10% processor so...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Why cant I acsess setting or my search bar?

    I added a new SSD to my machine yesterday and it killed my system. Looks like the person I bought it off lied and it was actually new. It corrupted all my files on other drives and now I'm stuck with the clean up! I have done a full reset of my system minus the 'new' SSD and now windows 10 wont...
  10. N

    Question How to fix search box suggestions?

    Hi, my computer won't suggest me anything whenever I type in the search box through Explorer or Run. I use the Run search box often for things like regedit, services.msc etc. and every time I need to type them entirely while it would be a lot faster if it just suggested me those when I enter...
  11. I

    Question Search doesn't work anymore

    Everytime i try to search for something in the start menu or settings, it just closes itself. I saw others threads on this but they didn't get any useful answers.. Any ideas?
  12. I

    Question windows search tab not working

    Hi today I got a problem with the search tab when I open it it just opens like every time normally but when I start typing into it it just closes itself. Please help.
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Windows search bar not working

    Ive tried everything that this video has to offer View: Nothing is working and i cant find a solution anywhere else ive disabled cortana before if that has to do anything with it but i was working after cortana was disabled
  14. King_of_Connacht

    Cable management and cpu temps.

    Any suggestions on my cable management? I've been having trouble with the heat and noise my pc has been producing. I have decided to act on my problem now because I read somewhere that high temps cause your cpu to throttle, resulting in low frame rates. Images...