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    Question burning smell from PC

    Hi, I recently upgraded from an older i5 4460 + GTX 1050 to a i5 10400 + 1660 super. A few days ago, I noticed a burning smell one night while playing flight simulator, so I immideately shut the PC down. I then opened the case, and ran flight simulator multiple times to stress the hardware and...
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    [SOLVED] Seasonic 430w ECO and GTX1660 SUPER

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to run the 1660S on my $60 Seasonic 430w ECO. The GPU only draws like 120 from the PSU so I think I should be fine? I have a 4460 and 8GB RAM, would considering upgrading to 10th gen Intel i5 (65W), don't think it will make any difference in...
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    [SOLVED] Will a Seasonic (400w) run a rx570 with a 8 pin adapter ?

    Hi, I wonder if a Seasonic ss400es works with a Msi rx570 armor 4gb. The psu has seven or eight years. On the other hand, I have to put an adapter and I found differents options, molex to 8 pin, sata to 8 pin and 6 pin to 8 pin, but I don't know what is the best for the gpu. Thanks! Mi rig: i5...
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    Question Seasonic Eco 430W enough for 1060/1660ti?

    System: R5 2400g 2x4 HyperX Fury Adata nvme 256gb 1tb hdd i bought my rig during the gpu mining craze, so i didn't get to buy myself a gpu. Im planning to get one soon but i was worried about my psu since it's only 430w from what I googled, some threads say that the psu is good enough for a...
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    [SOLVED] Will this bulid be okey?

    Hello im making a gaming pc for the first time and i wonder if this build will be ok mobo: GIGABYTE B360M DS3H cpu: Intel Core i5 8400 BOX 2.8GHz LGA1151 Coffee Lake ram: G.Skill AEGIS 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 F4-2400C15D-8GIS gpu:ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Cerberus OC, 4GB GDDR5, PCI-E 3.0 hdd:TOSHIBA...
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    What should I upgrade? (For heavy graphics work)

    Hi I have a question for you regarding getting a faster workflow for heavy graphics work. I do motion graphics and posters in high resolutions and for the high res poster work, my computer struggles. A Photoshop file for a high res poster can be around 6 gb in size and saving takes about 10...