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  1. Rogue Leader

    Question Issue with App access to Lorex LNR 300 DVR

    So my house is currently wired up with 4 Lorex IP cameras going to my PoE switch. Elsewhere in the network I have a Lorex LNR 300 DVR which is configured to record from those cameras. I use the Lorex "netHD Stratus" app on both my Android Phone and my wife's iPhone to view the cameras...
  2. S

    Question Unable to port forward for Security Camera system

    Hi all, before posting this thread I have combed endlessly through the internet for a solution with no luck, so I am really hoping the you kind people out there can help me out. So here is my problem, I have a QSee security camera system and I am trying to set up port forwarding so that I can...
  3. M

    WHEA Uncorrectable error

    Ok so my 6700K is clocked to 4.6GHz, I have Asus Z170-A mobo. I have faced the WHEA twice, all when I was playing BF1. here's a screenshot for BlueScreen View that shows the recent crashes/bluescreens