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  1. O

    Question Malware using disabled network card and disabled Bluetooth?

    Dear all I have an offline laptop which I use to backup my data. 1. I have disconnected the laptop from my own network. I have turned off the wifi function in Windows. I have disabled network card and Network adapters in device manager. Does the following malware exist? A malware that gives...
  2. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Mother got hooked by scammer but got away. Chromebook security questions.

    I'm unfamiliar with Chrome OS and it's security, I had my Mom call me saying she was worried about hackers and thinks she got scammed, this is her story, "dun-dunn": - googled how to talk to a real person from comcast, and found the following number: 1-888-927-0775 (I googled this number itself...
  3. O

    Question Modify adapter / USB stick for "hidden" connection ?

    Dear all When using a BLUETOOTH or CELLULAR or WIFI adapter / USB stick. Is it then possible to modify the adapter / USB stick so that: 1. The adapter / USB stick is hidden from Windows? The adapter / USB stick doesn’t appear in Device Manager in Windows? 2. The adapter / USB stick gives the...
  4. O

    Question Can just visiting a website cause a virus or malware on your system?

    I visited a website called earlier which seemed a bit dodge to me, I didn't download anything but I am a bit of a noob and am worrying whether just by visiting a website it can cause a virus or malware on your system? Thanks! I have Chrome up to date and have anti-virus installed.
  5. C

    Question Effectiveness of hardware-encrypted NVMe M.2 SSDs

    Before building a PC, and while searching for the best practices of making PCs more secure, I came across online articles and YouTube videos recommending the use of Password Managers, Antivirus/Internet Security suits, 2FA and YubiKeys, safe web browsers and web browsing habits, TOR and VPNs...
  6. R

    Question Is Windows Security enough for malware protection?

    or I need another antivirus program to protect me from malware. I just play online games, surf the internet, chat on an IM and Discord, use Microsoft Office and sometimes I use Zoom for online conferences. I do not do any financial transactions on my laptop but maybe I will do it in the future...
  7. _dawn_chorus_

    Question AV scans 4 files on formatted SSD?

    I just formatted an ssd and then scanned it with Bitdefender which says it scanned 4 files. Why are there 4 files on an empty drive and why can I not see them? Is this normal?
  8. _dawn_chorus_

    Question How safe is my external drive from being cracked?

    I carry a Samsung T7 drive with me just about everywhere. If I were to drop it I wonder what the likelihood is that it could be cracked. I've seen recent articles giving those lists of how many characters, and varying complexity tiers and how many minutes or millions of years it would take to...
  9. P

    Question Are there sound bars that allow you to turn off bluetooth

    I was originally looking at the Vizio 2.1 Theater Sound Bar - V21-H8 until I read a user comment that the bluetooth feature could not be turned off. According to the post, his usage of the sound bar was frequently getting interrupted by requests to pair with someone else's device and forcing...
  10. A

    Question Can you trust a pre built mini pc?

    Hello. I usually build my own computer. But now got a mini pc with a pre installed os . And i somehow have the question if i can trust it. What are precautions to take?
  11. S

    Question Is my email compromised?

    Hi everyone. Recently I've got warning someone tried to log in to my email acc from unknown location and google prevented him, so after that I changed my pw (2FA is already on). Later on I've received an email claiming I created snapchat account (which I didn't, I don't even use it). I ignored...
  12. R

    Question IoT devices in an Evil Twin Attack

    Hi All, I have a situation where someone in my neighbourhood is sending deauth packets to some of my IoT devices (camera, Google Home, External home decorative lights controller, Garage Door Opener) at random times (usually once every few days). My IoT devices go down for 15-20 minutes each...
  13. Charlie.C

    Question How to connect to a Xiaomi MI mop 2 ?

    Hi, I consider to buy a Robotic vacuum cleaner I see in the articles/pages related to the mi mop 2 that all the settings are accessible trough a smartphone apps... But the info that I could found miss a lot of information, So I don't know the following -> Does the vacuum act as an WiFi AP ...
  14. V

    Question Windows 11 Restrictions & Security Questions?

    Hi, Do you need a Microsoft account and you are required to log into your MS account to use Windows 11 or during the Win 11 Install? Can you use Bitlocker in Win 11 home or can you use Bitlocker without a MS account? Is there any encryption tools in Win 11 home? If not what free encryption...
  15. Steven Mal

    Question Webpage stuck at "Checking if the site connection is secure" screen ?

    I apologize because I don't know exactly which forum this thread belongs in. In the past I have used the web browser on my LG OLED 65B7A TV to watch videos on The browser, website and videos have always worked flawlessly until now. For the first time ever, whenever I click on a...
  16. O

    Question Home nettwork security

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but do i need extra security on my home network, or is the standard security (wifipassord ect )sufficient?
  17. T

    Question Help? - Keeping Refurb PC's Separated on Home Network

    Hello! I did some digging and I haven't been able to find my exact question so I'm hoping someone can help. I often help friends and family with their computers when they have issues, download possible viruses, etc. I have also inherited some old laptops I would like to use for tinkering and...
  18. KaiserPhantasma

    Question Suggestions for a trail/farm CCTV?

    Looking for suggestions for a trail/farm CCTV, wishlist is: -solar powered -4G connected -decent resolution (at least 720p) -night capable hopefully someone can list a few or just outright point me to the right direction/website where I can see for myself
  19. ditrate

    Question Windows Defender full scan got stuck, but it said it had completed ?

    I recently did a full scan with Windows Defender, but it stuck at the end. (after, clear all exceptions). But, in notifications I received message that a "full scan is complete". And after reboot, I looked in a Defender's logs and the log is saying that a full scan is completed even though the...
  20. C

    My car is wired ! Pls help, urgently !

    Hello, My car is audio and video wired. I don't have device to spot locations. Car is ford focus 2006 EU edition Croatia. Can anyone tell or ask their friends asap who are professionals in that field where I need to check. I am ordinary citizen and scam do that for fun for months. Want my...
  21. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] Blackbird

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here had tried out the Blackbird application. It was made to take Windows privacy and security further than ever before by checking and/or disabling everything that could be enabled and Microsoft is hiding from us. I haven't used it yet, because it says it...
  22. krelidas_34

    [SOLVED] What are some good Linux distros for surfing the Deep Web?

    From what I know, Tails OS is a good system. Unfortunately, the operating system does not directly boot on hard drives or SSDs- you need a USB. But I wonder if there's any secure Linux distro that directly boots from HDD/SDD drives. I know one OS called Qube OS. Anything other than that, I don't...
  23. TheFlash1300

    How to check the BCRYPT, SCRYPT, and Argon 2 values of an .iso file?

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to check the BCRYPT, SCRYPT, and Argon 2 values of an .iso file? In my case, I want to check the values of the .iso files of some Windows disc images. Do Windows disc image files support those values? To check the integrity and authenticity of the file, I usually...
  24. O

    Question Router trigger ports ?

    Dear all If I only want to open ports for a game that, for example, requires: TCP: 1000, 1100 UDP: 1000, 1100 And I want to do it in the trigger port function. 1. What info shall I then insert? Trigger port 0 ~ 0 Target port 0 ~ 0 For TCP, UDP or BOTH? 2. I have tried to experiment a bit...
  25. D

    Question I want to control my sister's phone

    Hey guys, my sis is 10th grade and her school friends are alcoholic and weirdos, so i wanna protect her from these dangerous kids. I don't know how but 'can i download any apps or programs to see inside her phone on my computer? Can i even do that if there are tutorials about that would u drop...
  26. TheFlash1300

    Question How to activate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?

    Hello. I heard that Windows Defender has an option called "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint", which can scan the UEFI for viruses. Can someone tell me how to activate this option, because i want to scan my UEFI for viruses? I heard that i need to open a menu, called "Configuration Manager", but...
  27. TheFlash1300

    Question How to check if there is malicious activity on a Wi-Fi network?

    Hello. There is a person who freely shares his internet connection (he consciously chose to not put a password on his Wi-Fi network). When i asked him if i can connect, the person said yes, he also said he intentionally has no password, so people, who don't have Wi-Fi networks, can use his...
  28. Unique Turtle

    Question iPhone will connect to WiFi extender but not to the router itself ?

    The title explains the problem, iPhone 11, internet on it was working fine, then suddenly, when I go to settings to see whats happening, the actual router has the loading icon next to it. However, I can connect to the extender of the router on my phone, I've troubleshooted to the max I believe...
  29. TheFlash1300

    Question What software does "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry" collect information about?

    Does Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry collect information only about the files related to Windows 10, or about all files and applications that exist on the SSD or the HDD? I have privacy concerns. I have some sensitive information recorded in .txt files, and I'm afraid that Microsoft can steal...
  30. TheFlash1300

    Question Can the main system get infected, if the OS on virtual machine or on the USB flash drive gets infected?

    Hi. So, if i install Linux Mint on a USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive to my Windows 10 laptop, start surfing dangerous websites and Linux Mint gets infected with a virus, could Linux pass the virus to Windows through the USB port? If yes, what component will get infected, the BIOS or...
  31. TheFlash1300

    Question Security with absolute certainty ?

    I have very important files on my laptop , and I want to keep them safe from viruses and ransomware that can encrypt them and steal them from me. I have several back-ups, but I'm still paranoid. My question, is how to have absolute certainty that my laptop definitely doesn't have viruses? As...
  32. H

    Question Enterprise Enrollment Removal on Dell Chromebook 3100

    I'm a technology teacher at a Catholic school and my principal was given 30 old Dell laptops(3100 model) by another school that closed. The laptops have Enterprise Enrollment and the company that installed that is no longer in business, developer mode is also disabled. He wants me to wipe them...
  33. Boris_yo

    [SOLVED] Can Wireless Keyboard be Hacked and Keylogged?

    Hi, I was thinking of buying RF-based audio listening system for TV until I read that IR-based device despite its short and direct range is safer for health and has no delay compared to RF-based devices. Before that I read that people who use Bluetooth connection report longer delays than when...
  34. P

    Question Need for Windows 10 permissions utility

    I use a program called FileMaker. It stores some stuff in a directory called Container Cache. This directory seems to get cleaned for maintenance. This directory is helpful to me because it allows server-like access to web pages. Using this directory for my files works exceptionally well. The...
  35. R

    Question A sophisticated hacker or dedicated stalker?

    Hello, back in 2017, I used to play an online MMORPG game, and I was a part of that community for nearly two years before quitting in 2018-2019. After I quit that game, someone from that game began stalking me online. This person was able to find all of my social media accounts, including reddit...
  36. DrBoo1Ghost

    Home Security Camera Recommendations?

    Looking to add some outdoor cameras to my home. Ideally, I'd like a cost-effective system that's easy to maintain (so no replacing/charging batteries in the cameras), works at night (either IR or spotlights, though IR is preferred as I frequently use a telescope in my backyard), and doesn't...
  37. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Is it secure to use a Bluetooth controller (DS5) in public with my laptop?

    I have never really used bluetooth devices so I am unfamiliar with the in's and out's, but the DS5 pairing directly with my laptop is nice for mobile gaming. If I am playing in a public place with wifi disabled and bluetooth on undiscoverable is there any risk of being hacked through it? This...
  38. H

    Question Visited an infected website, more info in thread.

    I visited local restaurant's website and clicked on contact tab to get their phone number, then i got redirected to a website named (don't remember exactly the link as i don't have access to logs anymore) robotcaptcha or something like that, closed that tab immediately. Then when i switched to...
  39. L

    Question Spam emails to my wife with my name and address?

    Hi! This is a bit of a random question and I don't know if this is the right place. My wife has gotten a couple of emails pretending to be energy surveys or electricity rebates for me at my old address with my first and last name and old physical address on them. Normally I'd just mark them as...
  40. L

    [SOLVED] RP-SMA to wifi amplifier or range extender

    Hello. I have a Night Owl WNIP2 wifi dvr and 4 wifi cameras around my property with a couple just almost out of range. In my head I imagine hooking cables up to the 2 rp-sma connectors on the drv then into some kind of amplifier and suddenly I get super-great connections to the cameras. I've...