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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Unusual SMART data for Segate Expansion external HHD ?

    Why does my Seagate Expansion external HDD, have such a high "Raw Read Error Rate" (01) and "Seek Error Rate" (07) ? It is a very new HDD with very little use.
  2. AsianPieMan

    Question Other Drives Dissapear After New Hardrive

    Hello, my current system is a 2700x, Vega 64, plugged into a B450 F Gaming from Asus. As for storage I use a NVME 500GB as my primary os drive, 1 480gb ssd, and a 3tb HDD, and a dvd/cd read write. I recently purchased a 4tb Barracuda and upon adding it to the system and booting up the only drive...
  3. Y

    Question My Hard Disk Drive is restarting Frequently

    I have 1Tb Segate barracuda 3.5 HDD it keeps restarting when read/write start on it i am using dual boot like ubantu and windows when my machine show me boot menu for OS selection then HDD won't restart but once i am select on of OS for starting computer, my HDD start restarting. Once it...
  4. K

    Cloned Laptop HDD to SSD Help

    I cloned my laptop drive (Seagate HDD), to a Samsung SSD. They are the same amount of space. I used Macrium to clone, and now neither of them work after being put into my laptop. Tried switching to legacy in BIOS and that did not help. Tried to make partitions active and that did not help...
  5. codygriffy

    Should I update my BIOS? Asrock AB350 Pro4

    As the title says, I am wondering if I should update my bios. I am currently running at 3.40, but there have been a few updates since. Would any of these updates help anything such as OC / stability? Is it even worth it? Here is my bios page...
  6. K

    antivirus for necur's botnet

    recommended scanner for necur's botnet?
  7. D

    No Signal to TV From GPU

    Im upgrading my pc currently. I have a 600 wattt Evea psu and I got the XFX R7 360 for my new graphics card. The psu works fine because im running my computer with that psu without the graphics card in it so that i could atleast use my pc. But earlier when i plugged the graphics card in, the...
  8. T

    OS from HDD to SSD! HELP!

    Hello I was planning on getting an SSD so i could put my windows 10 OS on it for faster reboot and all that good stuff :P I currently have one HDD that is almost full, only like 45GB left (max capacity: 1TB) So my problem is that I'm not sure how to get my OS from my old HDD to the new SSD...
  9. M

    h 105 should the air flow pull in or out

    h 105 should the air flow pull in or out
  10. J

    Capture Card ?

    Current Build is CPU: i5 4690k GPU GTX 970 StriX Asus Motherboard : ASus z97 Delue Crucial 8 Gb 1600 mhz Ram WD Blue 1 Tb I would like to start streaming and the quality I get right now with my current build kinda sucks. So will a capture card help and would a low end i7 laptop be able to...
  11. M

    Asus GTX 960 2gb vs Sapphire r9 270x 4gb

    i wanna get either Asus GTX 960 2gb or Sapphire r9 270x 4gb for next two years.. and considering the fact that games upto two years wont benefit from DX12... cz gta 6 or far cry 5 will come after 2 years only.. so why should i not go for r9 270x considering more vram and mantle.. plz help.
  12. M

    Which Build is better for Gaming

    Should i go with 1440p gaming setup or should i go with a 4k gaming setup Also can you suggest builds at the same cost with a monitor
  13. X

    Is this PC really comparable to PS4 as geekbenchmark and others would suggest

    CPU-E-7330 $55-65 GPU $190...