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  1. Zalext

    Question New battery - Old Laptop

    Hi, What battery would be better for an old laptop? (Samsung NP-QX411-W01US | Mid 2011) An original Samsung? Or A different trademark for that model? I mean, the cells on the original one probably will be as old as the computer itself? Another trademark would have newer cells? Sure, depending...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Core i7-7740X vs Core i7-7700K in gaming

    I don´t know wich one is better for gaming since one is 75€ cheaper (In my country atleast) and I don´t see any diferences. I´m still new to this stuff
  3. Question Trying to fresh install windows on a new SSD but my system doesn't recognize it under my computer.

    Hello Tom's Hardware! My question spans several possible threads so if you think it fits better somewhere else please let me know! To my issue then, I recently purchased an AMD R5 2600, ASUS TUF B450 gaming mobo, 2 stick of Corsair LPX DDR4 3000 RAM, and a WD 500gb SSD to upgrade my system. I...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] GPU overheats ONLY in my system

    I've had a 1060 3gb + Ryzen 5 2600 until recently and everything was fine. I bought a rtx gigabyte rtx 2060 – 3 fans model – and it was overheating a lot, peaking at 84ºC in a closed case, so I thought there was something wrong with it and returned it. The guy from the store told me he tested...
  5. L

    witch gpu do i pick

    hi right now my mother board is a MSI B250 PC MATE and i was wondering should i go with the. MSI RTX 2060 VENTUS because is i msi to or can i go for the cheaper option of the GIGABYTE RTX 2060 GV-N2060OC-6GD 6GB instead also is there a difference between the 2 or can you recommend a better rtx...
  6. D

    Is this a good upgrade for a YouTuber (Creator/Streamer)?

    So I am a YouTuber and my current build is showing its age in gaming, streaming and rendering. My current build specifications: CPU: AMD FX-8350 GPU: Nvidia Evga GTX 1070 8GB Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990X AM3+ RAM: 16GB DDR3 Power Supply: Corsair CX600 80+ Storage: 2TB HDD and 128GB SSD Case: NZXT...
  7. I

    Can you reset the clock speed of a CPU without a display?

    Like an idiot, while in the bios, i increased the clock speed of my ryzen 1600 CPU from 3.2ghz to 4.0ghz and after a breif restart my PC continued to run, although it stopped showing anything on the monitor. I've checked the cables, restarted multiple times and removed and replaced the battery...
  8. D

    Windows 10 on a mac good or bad?

    I am planning to get a macbook pro before i got to college and i want to put windows 10 on it. I am used to windows already but i really like the build and trackpad of a mac. Any information on performance for web browsing, videos, and notes? I will not be playing games on it, I already have a...
  9. S

    nVidia installer refuses to install drivers

    I'm trying to install drivers for my new nVidia GeForce gtx 660 ti, but the installer keeps saying I have other installations running but I don't. I've restarted the computer to make sure nothing else is running, and same issue...
  10. G

    Websites won't load, but i can access devices inside the network from the outside

    I have a Huawei e5186 LTE CAT6 Router with an 150/50mbits connection. I recently came across this very weird bug, where from inside the network certain websites (most of the time ssl servers, but not all of them) just will not load. The browser attempts to load but eventually just gives a...
  11. J

    PC case getting really Hot!

    Hello! i am having an issue with my case getting hot, one night while gaming, my pc crashed and i touched the side panel and it was burning up, took it off let the hot air escape, but the Reservoir ( mine is metal ) was scorching hot! it has not crashed since, but my cpu temps idle at like 35...
  12. P

    4k panel for playing ps4 pro or XB1X games

    Hi all , i need a panel(4k) to play mostly racing games like nfs series,gta series , assassin's creed series , watch dogs 1,2,infamous series etc. on ps4 pro or xbox one x. So, my query is what panel would be better for me?Should i go for monitors(4k with no HDR) or 4k TVs like lg c7,lg SJ8500...
  13. H

    Power supply +graphic card

    Is a Corsair cx-600 v3 good enough to power a 1080 it with overclock just curious don’t wanna break my gpu
  14. C

    which GTX 1050ti 4GB i should Buy ?

    I'm plaining to buy a new PC Gamer so i'm looking for a Good GPU that makes me Play almost Games on average fps 60 ~ 80 so i decide to buy 1050ti 4GB but my question is which one is the best from those GPUs : - ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Expedition - PNY GeForce GTX 1050 Ti XLR8 OC Gaming 4 Go
  15. R

    Tab for PCI x16 fell off

    So my tab for the gpu fell off and the gpu works and is screwed in, but I was wondering if I take the gpu out could I put in back in without anything breaking and is it gonna effect proformace
  16. L

    Laptop with Windows 7

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L675 laptop running Windows 7. Sometimes it won't boot properly -tells me to run Windows Repair which I do and it doesn't repair. It runs slow most of the time taking forever to load anything. When I click on Start Icon at bottom left all I get is a blank box and...
  17. S

    Asus Crosshair VI Hero with AMD Ryzen 1800x won't boot error F2 then F9

    I wanted to update my Bios and it crashed or something.Now the system won't boot or POST. The motherboard Q-Code shows F2 for a second and after that F9. The fans are spinning, the lights on the motherboard also work. I know that F9 means that piece of the Bios is missing. I tried using the...
  18. G

    HWiNFO Adds Support For 10nm+ Ice Lake, Whiskey Lake, AMD 400-Series Chipset

    HWiNFO has released the changelog of its latest 5.7 version, and it lists several exciting developments, including support for Intel's unreleased Ice Lake and Whiskey Lake processors as well as AMD's 400-Series motherboards. HWiNFO Adds Support For 10nm+ Ice Lake, Whiskey Lake, AMD 400-Series...
  19. S

    Upgrading to gtx1050ti

    I have a PC with i3 processor, 8gb ddr5 ram, and 2gb gt730 graphics. I want to know whether I should upgrade it to gtx 1050ti, to play games like gta v. And whether gtx1050ti is compatible to my mother board?