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  1. pelperson

    [SOLVED] accidentally took out gpu without uninstalling drivers

    So today i took out the sapphire pulse rx 570 8gb from my dads dusty ass system(i cant put it back) but forgot to uninstall the graphic drivers. Would this be bad if i use this gpu in a new system?
  2. Martin48705

    [SOLVED] SOS! Need help, going crazy...

    [Moderator note: edited post to break up "wall of text".] So, some time ago I bought some new pc parts to treat myself for working my ass off(Got a Gigabyte B450-DS3H, a Ryzen 5 2600, 2 single sticks of 3200MHz 8GB DDR4 G.Skill Aegis since they were the only same sticks in stock atm, a...
  3. M

    Question Snow Leopard VM on Virtual Box on El Capitan or Windows 10 machine.

    So I have been trying to create a virtual Snow Leopard Machine. v10.6.3. All the tutorials I have scoured instruct to use Mac Os X Server. But VirtualBox 5.0 doesn't have this option. I have tried disabling EFI boot option in System, Tried unchecking nested paging the Acceleration mode. I...