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    Dell laptop blank screen

    On my Dell laptop it will start up and let you log in, but goes to a blank screen after typing in the password. It only does this for the one user, the other user logs in just fine. So leads me to believe that it's a software issue, but I am unsure how to fix this.
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    Do i need clean registry?

    Hello there! I want to know should i clean registry from unnecessary after uninstalling programs and games?Usually, I clean manually the tracks in the registry after removing programs and games, but sometimes it's like boring.And traces of the installed programs and games that is in here...
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    Harddrive old laptop to new laptop

    My newer laptop's harddrive just died. It's a lenovo with windows 10 on it. I still had an old acer with windows 7 on it. I was wondering if I could put my old acers harddrive in my lenovo laptop. My acer laptop screen is completely ruined. Also wondering if I could change it. Could I get...
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    Remapping my onboard sound card

    I was wondering if i can remap my onboard realtek pc sound card input jacks so that i can have audio from the microphone jack and vice versa. Backstory.. I broke my headphone prong inside my audio jack and i am currently with a low priced usb sound card so that i can have audio from my pc...
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    Can I download necessary drivers to my android phone then transfer to my laptop?

    Reinstalled windows 7 no drivers and no internet, also I haven't got access to another internet capable pc.
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    Radeon HD 6570 problems (Bottleneck?)

    So i have a "Classic" "Display driver AMD driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered" problem,unless it doesn't recover,and a TDR delay isnt fixing it,i tried numerous fixes,none worked so i thought it might be a bottleneck since my CPU is on 100% usage and GPU is up to 50% and i...
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    Where to buy Tesoro Gram XS?

    Is Tesoro still making vaporware? Didn't they release the Tesoro Gram XS last month? How come there is no a single retailer selling this thing?
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    My computer won’t start. PLEASE HELP!

    Honestly I have no idea what happened, I got tired after playing some games so I went to lie down on my bed then about 30 minutes later my fans start going to 100% rpm speed and then my computer screens went black so I turn it off by holding the power button but now it won’t turn on at all...
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    PC will not boot no bios beep, HD activity, all fans spin

    Good afternoon, I rebooted my computer approximately one hour ago from start menu in Windows 10 from installing gameshow which I had installed before but I recently had to reinstall my OS. Rebooting my computer I get a black screen with no signal. There is no bios beep. There is a faint...
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    rPGA988b compatibility check

    Hey everyone. I am about to change my Sony VPCEB15FM Notebook's I3-330M (rPGA988a) to i7 3520m (rPGA988B) , my motherboard is Sony A1771573A (socket 989). Will it take it?/boot?
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    Hard drives fault? (solved)

    Hello. I have this problem with what I think might be my hard drive because every time I try to open steam or a game on steam on that hard drive it gets spike lags very often or stops responding when I click on something and its something that started yesterday and I really don't know whats...
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    Strange USB Power Surges

    Hello all, I have a strange problem. It's a slightly convoluted story, but I have skimped on details when seeking tech help before, and paid the price. So here is everything: The basic problem currently is on my personal computer. The specs are: Ryzen 1600 w/ stealth cooler Gigabyte a320m hd2...
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    Outlook data files problem.

    Hello, excuse my english, it's not my first language. So the problem is this: I have an old computer (lets call him ONE) and a new laptop (lets call him TWO) - both are work related. So on ONE I had two accounts on Outlook 2010- the office and the personal (I think they are squirrelmail) ...
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    Problem when moving file in usb flash drive

    I just move the file (drag and drop) then it shows "the file name is too long " and I click "cancel" when I look into that folder its just look like the picture Can anyone give some help with this? (sorry for very bad english)
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    Internet help needed asap

    So I have a router in my basement which gives wifi to everything in the house fine. My computer is upstairs but won’t connect to it for some reason. I avoided this issue before with ethernet and wifi extender, but the cord broke and i have others but they dont work. So now i have no internet on...
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    low fps with gtx 1050 ti

    i get like 20 - 35 fps while playing cs:go help pls
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    GTX 1080 and mobo

    i want to buy a GTX 1080 and my mobo has PCI 2.0 plus its an AMD processor one... so i need to buy a graphics card plus mobo plus a processor and i dunno which to get ....
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    Is this ready for 4K gaming rig?

    Will this setup be suitable to run the majority of AAA games in 4K @ 45+ FPS? i5-4690k OC 4.5ghz ASUS GTX 1080Ti Strix OC HyperX 16gb DDR3 1600mhz PSU 650W
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    budget graphics card

    what is the best budget graphics card under £300 to run the latest games at around 60fps?
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    Booting from ssd, please insert proper boot device

    I used 1TB HDD in uefi only so far, but now i bought a Samsung Evo 850 SSD. I unplugged the HDD, changed the SSD to GPT and installed the win10 from a USB on it. Ater that i restart the pc, disconnect the usb, and set the SSD in first place in the boot order. I get the please insert proper boot...